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Few movies, documentary or otherwise, capture the relaxed exuberance of Dave Chappelles Block Party. this is often Chappelle's initial project since his show on Comedy Central received so much common and demanding attention that he apparently had a psychological meltdown and fled to continent to escape. you can still see a touch of weariness and chariness in his eyes--but even more you can see his relief to be launching a project that bears no expectations. funded by his own money and liberal to all UN agency attended, Chappelle discovered a secret concert location in brooklyn and pulled together a musical lineup of stellar acts, including Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Common, the Roots, Dead Prez, and the reunion of the Fugees, all of whom offer vivacious performances. but Block Party does not just capture the show; at least a 3rd of the picture is Chappelle wandering around brooklyn or the Ohio neighborhood where he lives and interacting with the individuals he meets, several of whom he provides free tickets for the show. These scenes, combined with footage of the performers rehearsing or simply gassing around before the show, supply a way that for Chappelle playacting is simply AN extension of his everyday life; that he takes even as abundant pleasure from goofing around with one person as he does goofing around in front of lots of or thousands. developing this event becomes a singular portrait in addition as AN expertise that rejuvenated Chappelle. If you surrender to the vitality of the show and Chappelle's loose comic jazz, you will find it rejuvenating too. --Bret Fetzer

Dave Chappelle features on the magnificent cover art for Prince’s ‘Breakfast Can Wait’