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Dress for Dinner Necktie Napkins

“Dress for Dinner Necktie Napkins” Always look your best at the table with these great napkins that they come with a tie printed on it if you’re stuck in your collar.


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Guys, this is your local dry cleaning will hate us. These Dress For Dinner Napkins can take away a large part of their business. A recent study by researchers at the Institute for Science laundry were conducted showed two facts: 1) 45% of men dye their ties when they eat. and 2) 88% of all researchers at the Institute for Science laundry have resumes on Monster.com hell out of there. Most likely you have also ruined a favorite tie with a splash of marinara sauce or a drop of Bordeaux. How many men, you may have tried tucking a napkin into your shirt have - but this technique saps you of all dignity.
You might as well be wearing a baby bib, as you try to impress your date. Well, that's Dress For Dinner Napkins an ingenious solution to the problem. They are printed on high quality paper napkins and tie them on. So, if you are a stylish tie in tuck you shirt collar, it looks like you are wearing. You get 20, 3-ply napkins in each package, and there are four different designs tie. (We suggest you should use the band to choose the foods that you probably inject it fits.) No doubt you are as blown away by these things, as if we were discovered for the first time. To receive a packet or two of Dress for Dinner napkins, and get ready to dine with dignity.