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Duo Pinball for iPad game controller

Experience some pinball game creativeness and experience your favorite arcade moments with couple Pinball–the app-supported pinball game controller for iPad. Flipper buttons and a elastic device plunger build pinball game gameplay incredibly real.

Includes 5 Free pinball game Tables

The Duo Pinball for iPad game controller, once connected to your Apple device, unlocks 5 free tables within the wildly widespread pinball game HD assortment app (available on the App Store). Play West, The Deep, Snow, DaVinci, Jungle vogue and a lot of.
Duo pinball game Experience some pinball game creativeness with the couple pinball game. read larger

Easy to line Up

Get ready for incredibly real pinball game gameplay in 3 simple steps. First, transfer the pinball game HD or pinball game HD assortment apps from the App Store. Connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to the couple pinball game controller wirelessly via Bluetooth and launch the app. Then simply opt for one amongst the 5 free tables and play.


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Duo Pinball for iPad
Duo Pinball for iPad