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Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz, Black

1x1.trans Fury Tactical Kuba Kickz, Black


Kuba-Kickz from Fury Products is the only non-lethal self defense tool available for your shoes. It fits above the tongue and between the laces of your shoe to provide a simple, lightweight, yet devastatingly effective non-lethal self defense tool. Anyone can use the Kuba-Kickz regardless of their level of self defense training. Quick kicks to an attacker’s arms and legs can help you escape a dangerous assault; even a simple kick to the shins will have your assailant re-thinking the wisdom of choosing you for a target. Great for anyone who needs a light weight, unobtrusive and covert defense tool. Available in white or black. 1″ wide x 2.5″ long x 1.25″ tall