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Hooded travel pillow

The Hooded travel pillow is perfect for air travel, road trips, traveling on business, lunch and nap all, carry on for a little privacy or eyes, no matter where they are. The journey HoodiePillow ® offers ultimate cocoonification ™ on-the-go!

Grand Trunk Goods Hooded Micro Fleece Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Hooded contains an inflatable pillow travel pillow for the ultimate in space saving convenience. Pulled the drawstring added eye coverage from the hood to block to create the world around you. The journey HoodiePillow ® is manufactured from premium sweatshirt material. Hand washable.

The Grand Trunk Goods T Travel Pillow could be the best thing to happen on your trip. This soft, memory foam corresponds crescent-shaped pillow to your neck with a soft soothing smoothness That will lull you into your happy zone faster than you could say Grand Trunk Goods. Yes, it is soft and comfortable, but then you break the viable cinch hood and pull it over the head and the eyes and you know what comes next … ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.Great for road trips, plane rides, naps at home and more? .. Washable foam is cover.Memory removable.Hood is stowable.Pillow has a drawstring to.

Grand Trunk Goods Hooded Micro Fleece Memory Foam Travel Pillow



  • Ideal for travel, car trips and at home
  • Set Includes 2 drawstrings on the head size and comfort
  • Use when reading, watching TV, studying, listening to music, nap and sleep
  • Includes pillow insert that empties and folds for easy storage
  • Patent pending and crafted from high quality sweatshirt material
  • Hand washable.