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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Reach new velocities and explore new terrains with the new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set. This wall-mounted track play system provides the bottom for a good array of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, with a spread of pathways, loops, and diversions that hold their own as a athletics platform. With the easy-to-follow directions, you will be whipping around corners and rushing through the air in no time!

Expand Your Horizon Vertically

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set takes the standard athletics systems up off the ground and onto your walls, permitting speeds, stunts, tricks, and turns to succeed in new levels of intensity and fun. a group of components as well as a diverter switch, flap-ramp, steep drop ramp, and even a 360-degree loop compose this base set. These components all use the vertical piece of ground to push the automotive toward spectacular rate and a replacement vary of tricks that are not attainable on typical floor tracks.

Full-Color Hanging templet for straightforward Assembly

Assembly of the Wall Tracks Starter Set is simple with the enclosed directions. They embrace written and visual descriptions, and therefore the the} paper also is a dangling templet, guiding your track placement simply to the right positions. Adult assembly is needed to stay the bottom of the tracks in situ with the enclosed 3M Command Strips, however the remainder of the assembly may be learned by kids with some observe and can stimulate psychological feature skills.

Excellent Base for alternative Wall Tracks

The enclosed tracks have variety of path variations inbuilt that our testers enjoyed exploring and testing. This experimentation, along side the vertical enlargement of the tracks, evokes creativeness concerning the chances of extending the tracks to never-before-seen racecourse variations with alternative Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets.

What’s within the Box

Hot Wheels automotive, wall tracks set, seven 3M Command Strips, six brackets, spare elastic band, and full-color hanging directions templet.