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iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers rechargeable Splash-Resistant  with Jump-Start technology

Set the mood at your next barbecue, pool party or a picnic with MobiOut, a spill-resistant and robust but elegant Bluetooth speakers, high-fidelity audio combined with wireless portability. MobiOut is ruggedly constructed to withstand a few knocks and bumps, and includes a passive cooler that provides deep, resonant bass. Control your music and calls with mounted volume and playback buttons, which is sealed to be water ingress. It also includes a speakerphone with a built-in microphone so you can even take calls.
1x1.trans iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
What is particularly unique in that it MobiOut Jump-Start technology, which means that one does use it as an external power source to charge your phone has. It can be frustrating if your speakers are charged, but your phone is not, so we added this additional feature to improve the functionality MobiOut.
Enjoy worry-free hours by the pool

MobiOut was meant to go outside. Designed with a rugged design and sealed controls, this little speaker is more resilient than you think. Take it convenient to know that it does not sputter and die with the smallest splash with confidence to the pool and lounge.
Please the crowd with Powerful Sound
1x1.trans iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
You will not know until you try it yourself, but take it from us – MobiOut has great sound. It is equipped with 2 full-range speakers for quality acoustics and a passive radiator for deep bass gratifying. Primarily MobiOut is an amazing speaker that will not disappoint.
Start your phone with Jump-Start technology
1x1.trans iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
If your phone is out of juice, you can start it with MobiOut. MobiOut has what we jump-start technology, which allows you to use MobiOut lithium-ion battery that allows to call directly charging your phone. Because, if the source of music is no sense in a fully charged one speaker dead


1x1.trans iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

Never miss a call with a handsfree

MobiOut is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can have convenient hands-free calls with the touch of a button fitted. When you are finished with your call to return your music by. Onto the same button Never miss a call, inflated with the music.
Listening hours on a single charge

1x1.trans iLuv MobiOut Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

MobiOut is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that will feature up to 9 hours of continuous play time on a single charge.
What’s in the Box

MobiOut speaker, charger and quick start guide.

Designed for Bluetooth-enabled devices with A2DP.