• Ocean Art Light-Up Mini Jellies
  • The Aristocrat Top Hat
  • Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves
  • Dothraki Language Instructional Book
  • Perpetual Calendar

Introductory Calculus for Infants author Omi M. Inouye could be a gamer, a software engineer, ANd an instigator. She recently obtained a B.Sc. in technology from the University of British Columbia and doesn’t quite grasp what to try and do next. She lives in New Westminster, before Christ along with her fiancé, Jon, and their 2 cats. She is a mean mathematics student. Omi is additionally the author of "Andre Curse" and "A Girl's Guide to geological dating a Geek". For incoherent rants (not meant for children) or to contact Omi, please visit her website: web.omionline.ca