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  • Rothco Vintage Canvas Medic Bag

Little Girl's Best Friend Is A Skunk. An unbelievably keep woman named Harriet Cooper in Kent, England has start off of her shell after turning into best friends with a skunk named Humbug. Harriet’s folks square measure animal handlers World Health Organization run a aggregation that tours native schools. One morning, Humbug was making an attempt to claw Harriet’s mother, Maria. Out of obscurity, Harriet scooped Humbug into her arms and started cuddling him, which calmed the skunk down. Harriet and Humbug are best friends ever since. Harriet walks Humbug on a special leash and Humbug even sleeps in Harriet’s bed. Her mother Maria thinks that Harriet has lavished most attention on Humbug that the skunk believes he’s a cat. It's lovable .