Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is designed as a stylish and sporty. It is a different clock which is show how active you are during day, accordingly gives detailed information about sleep patterns and sport, setting targets to improve yourself and compatible…



DJ Mask LED Light Up MASK

Turn up the music, the show and fun start with DJ Mask LED Light Up MASK‘s colors which you choose.  



We will have a few questions for you

We will have a few questions for you   We think you will enjoy, 7 great movie chose from each other. We want to know your preferences in this regard. Please share with us your preferences. Excited to better…


R2-D9 USB Car Charger

Star Wars famous, talented and cute robot is offered for sale as a ‘R2-D9 USB Car Charger‘. When you need a charger it can charge your devices which use the USB port like smart phone, iPhone, iPad. Of course…



Diamond Pacifier

Throughout my life I’ve never seen so much expensive and a different gift. “Diamond Pacifier” a pacifier in white gold and adorned with 278 diamonds. In order to receive this priceless gift, of course, supposed to be a newborn…



Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

A single LED lamp and 16 different colors of light. Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote is great solution for wherever you want to illuminate like home, bar, restaurant.Thanks to remote control, you can select your wanted color and…



Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

Enjoying barbecue is a different think in the garden at the weekend. Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks the biggest helper for you.  Its hard plastic structure    is specially manufactured to shred and hold the large pieces of hot…



Nerf Lazer Tag Twin Pack

There is a new weapon for the Nerf game. Not even one; two guns would be more accurate. Nerf Lazer Tag Twin Pack. The only thing you need is an iPhone or iPod Touch. Now you are ready to fight…



LED Word Clock

Has turned into a fantastic idea more real. LED Word Clock times very different from our usual writing instead of the numbers say what time it is. Led illuminated manuscripts, subtle and pleasant lighting lets you see the current…



Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Now think about it, you weekend with your family do you grill party on the patio in the garden, “Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower” mows the lawn for you which is prolonged. Thinking even a great idea, right? But…



  • Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    Predator Motorcycle Helmet is very different indeed. You will literally turn into a hunter on the motorcycle. Like something out of a scene of the movie Predator.  Aliens Predator nightmare on the roads.  



  • Zenith Titanium Chronograph Watch

    I think  Zenith Titanium Chronograph Watch no need to write too much  about anything. A luxury sports car with a price of  Zenith Titanium Chronograph Watch  Go if you like a portion of your investment you may have to…



  • Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Let us state the following first Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens to use and sporting a muscular body needs to have. Those who are untrained but can carry with a helper. Canon, Nikon and Sigma “DSLR Cameras” is said to be…



  • Iron Throne Mini Replica

    Award-winning television series “Game of Thrones” in a replica of the famous throne ie “Iron Throne Mini Replica” will be the owner. Iron Throne planted so many people out there that look erected between them and Queen Elizabeth of…



  • Dc Comics Wonder Woman Bikini

    This summer on the beach “Wonder Woman Bikini” Do not be surprised if you see. DC Comics Wonder Woman Bikini took place on store shelves and began to be sold, even if the only “Wonder Woman” is good though,…



  • Perfect Drink App Controlled Smart Bartending

    Perfect Drink App Controlled Smart Bartending Excellent cocktails were invented to prepare a crazy gadget. Scale and a smart app that guides you through the software, instructions and hundreds of wonderful drink cocktails prepared a program with options. “Perfect Drink App…



  • Air Trekker Jumping Stilts

    The end point of madness Air Trekker Jumping Stilts You jump up to 16 meters with no one that you have seen it? Air Trekker Jumping Stilts this is possible, high-strength aluminum lithium materials used in the space shuttle…



  • Amazon Fire Phone 13MP Camera 32GB

    The smart phone market is literally packed with new features that would overturn a technological toy. Amazon Fire Phone 13MP Camera 32GB, Dynamic Perspective, 13MP camera, Firefly technology, Mayday. I want to tell you more features, but I’m inadequate….


    $199.00 – $649.00

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon Fire TV to your home theater, music and entertainment world, which is a great HDTV box. Favorite movies and serials, cheap rental options with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus is a button click away thanks to this…



  • X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

    Yourself in the cinema hall; playing video games, listening to music or watching a movie like feel that is needed for X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair  wireless audio connection, a very powerful sub-woofer, 2 speakers with seats on…



  • Swimline Floating Mult Game Gameboard

    Swimline Floating Mult Game Gameboard Designed for swimming pool, game board with magnetic chess, backgammon, checkers games thanks to floating on water will give you hours of fun.



  • iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot

    Pool has never been so easy to clean. iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot, does not leave the corner was not cleared. iRobot Mirra pollen in the pool, the two microns in size, bacteria, algae, dirt, hair, leaves and other…



  • Batman Arkham Knight New Video

    Batman Arkham Knight New Video. DC Comics character Batman, the popular new game, Arkham Knight‘s eagerly expected, they published a video. Let’s look at the differences in how we face the Dark Knight will be released at this time….



  • Minidrone are offered for sale in August

    Parrot AR drone‘s manufacturer, which was launched at CES last first new Minidrone offered for sale in the United States in August announced. 99 dollars and 159 dollars of toys will be available two new products that are in…


  • Lego Brick Eraser 4 pack

    If you are one of the Lego maniac, where you allocate your side if you do not need to leave your Lego. Get in your school, in the office where you can play Lego Brick Eraser 4 pack. Lego…



  • Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

    Crazy Cat Lady in the neighborhood where you live and you’ve certainly encountered. Without exception, every town or neighborhood with feral cats living in a small house, his hair unkempt, untidy, is a type of clothing to care for…



  • Travel Coffee Cup and Drink Holder

    What did we say “Crazy gadgets Here“. Travel Coffee Cup and Drink Holder is designed for people who travel very often a great product. With this apparatus that you connect to your luggage handle pull your hands full, even…



  • Simply Turkish Baklava recipe from scratch

    Simply Turkish Baklava recipe from scratch!  Learn how you filled Turkish baklava with walnut from scratch. You will be amazed how easily you can try the leaves very thin roll .. Must recipe. İngredients for Baklava 1 big egg 1/2 cup…


  • The WineRack

    The Winerack: fitness, cardio, running briefly a sports bra is very handy for all women engaged in sports pupura. Bra made ​​of polyurethane material contained in a removable 25 ounces of your favorite drink is always on your side…



  • The iSpy tank

    The iSpy tank adds a whole new level of functionality to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

    JMT Wifi 4ch Instant Spy I-spy Rc Tank Car Controlled By Iphone Android Mobile Phone w/ Live Video Camera Function

    Okumaya devam et →



  • Decorative Word BookMark Novelty Gift Be Right Back

    I have seen many different bookmarks.  Made ​​by ARTORI Design “Decorative Word BookMark Novelty Gift Be Right Back” the new ones. Or I just saw. What he says simply “Be Right Back“. Father’s Day approaching, one of the options…



  • Google Self Driving Car Prototype

    We all know Google protottip tools. But it did not expect much. The steering wheel, gas pedal and brake without a car is pretty amazing. Google Self Driving Car Prototype information will be stunned more details.


  • FLOTE M2 Adjustable iPad Tablet Stands

    FLOTE M2 Adjustable iPad Tablet Stands in 2012, has emerged as a Kickstarter project and it was very successful. Users and has been praised by the media and talked a lot. What was the cause of so much loved? The…



  • Memorial Day

    “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TO EVERYONE” do not forget your family and friends, crazygadgetshere offers you all kind of gifts for memorial day. I hope you have a great weekend.  


  • The Godzilla Collection DVD

    Cult film series The Godzilla Collection DVD. This set with 7 different DVD is great. Godzilla movie now in theaters last part of the notation. To watch previous episodes and the last shot with the new technology that promises…



  • Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

    Secret compartments to store valuables or do not need heavy chassis. Wall Clock With Hidden Safe. Will ensure your safety.



  • Ella B Earbud Headphones

    Wonderful harmony of gold and white colors. Ella B Earbud Headphones. Fits most iPods, iPhones and iPads. Luxury level of sound quality.