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All kitchen and sporting knives, whether professional quality or inexpensive, need a blade tune-up now and then. This electric sharpener produces razor-sharp edges using the same rapidly rotating Sapphirite grinding wheels used by professional shops. Be ground and sharpened a two-stage system allows knives on stage 1 half of the machine, and then honed on stage half second Tape guides keep the knife at the ideal sharpening angle for each side of the blade as she slowly pulled and held parallel to the work surface in the direction of the user. The sharpener is suitable for knives made ​​of alloy, carbon or stainless steel, it is completely normal for sparks to fly when knives of high carbon steel come in contact with the wheels content Sapphirite. Non-electrical serrated knife which can jagged to be sharpened on one side with this machine. Three suction cups on the bottom hold the sharpener securely on a table or countertop, and two receptacles under catch metal filings for disposal. The sharpener measures 8-1/4 by 5-3/4 by 4 inches and is covered by a two year warranty against defects.