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Technological solution for fly bites on holiday Bite Helper

$ 27.95

One of the biggest problems of summer months is mosquitoes and insects that we can not get rid of bites. After biting, it is necessary to fight with redness and pruritus. There are many alternatives to reduce these complaints. Among these solutions are the Bite Helper, which offers a technological solution to mosquito bite.

The Bite Helper, which came out in the hope of offering a solution against all kinds of insect heat, draws attention with its long and thin structure. The cylindrical device consists of a plastic body. At the tip of the device where a single key is located is a flat metal zone. This part is just above the heat. The Bite Helper needs to hold this area for 30 to 40 seconds by pressing the on / off button. After this process, it is said that the redness has disappeared and the scratch has passed. Working with Thermo-Pulse technology, the product uses heat and vibration at the same time. Thus, the insect caterpill then distributes the blood to the area. With deep relief, discomfort is completely gone.

Bite Helper, which does not use any chemicals and drugs, needs only chargers. In order to have this practical product, it is necessary to remove 40 dollars from the eye. You can visit Bite Helper’s web site to get detailed information about the device.


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