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The Speed Resistance Training Parachute

The Speed Resistance Training Parachute with the acceleration, endurance, strength and resistance training in one plant. Being one step ahead of competitors like lightning accelerate and complete what you are looking for parachute training. Adjustable angle of rotation of 360 degrees in any direction with the belt structure, ease of use parachutes that are designed to enforce limits. Power and speed limits will force yourself even if you will be amazed at the end of this training, and education.


  • Built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and help stabilize the chute during workouts
  • Quick-release belt buckle allows for training with acceleration bursts
  • 360 degree rotation belt with free motion ring allows for movement in any direction
  • Measures 54 by 54 inches
  • Resistance: Approximately 15-30 pounds of progressive resistance, depending on speed of user
  • Adjustable velcro belt fits most athletes
  • Chute releases while running for overspeed training
  • Includes strong mesh-faced carrying pouch