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Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair Stand

Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair Stand. Vehicle hammock chair system includes support arms for two hammock chairs, adjustable hanging hardware (chains, hooks, clips), XT2 & XT2LD adapters for all sq. receivers (class I, II, & III). this method is meant for max safety and utility. Add CON2OUR or Superweave hammock chairs and shade canopies for the last word mobile comfort station(also accessible from Amazon.com). inexperienced Eggs & Hammocks was established in 1997 to push and develop a proprietary line of premium grade, ergonomic, therapeutic, relaxation aids. inexperienced Eggs & Hammocks is that the mark of quality that folks trust, acknowledge and bear in mind. Rest within the Best-our promise. client satisfaction is made into our product-developed through client surveys and testing at stores coast to coast, and in eight countries. do not be fooled by low-cost imitations.