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Vampliers Screw Pliers. An extraordinary pliers which incorporates proprietary and award winning technology to unravel screw extraction problems. it is the all purpose pliers with a novel feature. VamPLIERSTM area unit made up of steel produced by Kobe Steel of Japan and is best suited for strength and durability. a combination of vertical and horizontal serrations prevents slip and provides a robust bite to grab the matter screw. have you ever been stuck with rusty, stripped, damaged, crowded or tamper-proof screws and needed to remove that screw? VAMPLIERSTM will do the job with remarkable ease. VAMPLIERSTM will even work on screws which have special, unique or tamper-proof heads. VAMPLIERSTM have a proprietary style of vertical and horizontal saw-toothed within jaws which bite into screw heads of various shapes while not slippy. These serrations area unit what differentiate VAMPLIERSTM screw-removal pliers from ordinary pliers. they're abundant easier to use than screw extractors or plyers exactly as a result of the manner it grips around truss, spherical or pan head screws. VAMPLIERSTM area unit made up of -- treated top quality steel -- a raw material which commands the best respect in the world of tools. VAMPLIERSTM have a sleek varnished end and environmentally friendly elastomer engineering handle grips. The specially shaped vertically-serrated jaws area unit designed to remove rusted , broken or tamper-proof screws in confined areas. the flowery angle of serration conjointly permits you to bite and turn truss screws (low-profile dome heads). There area unit always reasons to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, promotions at work, graduations, father's, mother's, or grandparent's day, or simply language 'thank you'. What better thanks to celebrate than to gift something sensible and durable that will be remembered and used for an extended time. To top it off, a customized gift which can be actually appreciated. VAMPLIERSTM bring such a novel and personalized gift.