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10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 2

As humanityinfo our tendency to share from time to timefalse information to share andto disinformation can be the cause, unfortunately. Of course, the human body also gets its share from this situation. If you believe that alcohol makes the body warm, or if you think that newborn babies cannot feel pain, then you have encountered false information about the human body at least a few times. In order to eliminate at least some of this misinformation, we will focus on the most common misconceptions about the human body in this article.

10 misconceptions about the human body:

  • Everyone’s fingerprint is different
  • Tongue rolling is genetic
  • We have five senses
  • Hair and nails continue to grow after death
  • It is very dangerous to wake up sleepwalkers
  • Gum takes seven years to digest after swallowing
  • We can only use 10 percent of our brain
  • Finger cracking causes calcification
  • If you shave, the hair will come out blacker and thicker
  • We lose the most heat from our head

Everyone’s fingerprint is different

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 3

You knowfingerprint plays a major role in forensic investigations. Everything Scottish scientistHenry Faulds wrote an article in 1888 that every person’s fingerprint is different. But there is no way to prove it. Because it is not possible to check the fingerprints of everyone who has ever lived or is living in the world. Thinking that fingerprint analysis is never infallible can have serious consequences. For example, working at a university in 2005criminologist Simon Cole published an article detailing 22 fingerprint mistakes made in the history of the American legal system. Cole had exposed cases where innocent people were tried for crimes they didn’t commit.

Tongue rolling is genetic

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 4

geneticistAlfred Sturtevant In an article he published in 1940, he wrote that the ability to roll the tongue is genetic. According to the article, if the parents could roll their tongues, they were more likely to have a tongue-rolling child. But 12 years from nowgeneticist Philip Matlock refuted this idea with his work. In her study of 33 identical twins, she revealed that it is not genetics that determines tongue rolling ability.

However, this idea is still accepted. Although this wrong information, which is thought to be true, may not seem very important, it can cause unnecessary anxiety. For example, some scientists say that children whose parents can roll the tongue but cannot do it themselves.I wonder if I’m adopted?”.

We have five senses

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 5

Usually in schoolsour five senses is taught to be:sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. This idea was discovered by the Greek philosopher around 350 BC.Aristotle

Mentioned in a work by . But today we know that humans have more than five senses. Scientists say we have between 22 and 33 senses, although they cannot give the exact number. e.g sense of balance, sense of heat, sense of pain or sense of movement are just a few of them.

At first glance, these senses may not seem very important, but for example, the sense of thirst helps to keep our body at the required level of hydration. People who do not have this senseadip

He has a rare disease called . Because these people cannot sense their thirst, they can become seriously dehydrated and die alive.

Hair and nails continue to grow after death

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 6

Yes, the human body can do strange things after death, but this is among the interesting things.no nails or hair growth. In order for hair and nails to grow, the body needs to produce new cells. However, this is not possible after death. This common misconception about the human body, the authorErich Remarque is even mentioned in his novel written in 1929. In fact, this description stems from a kind of optical illusion. Our hair and nails do not grow after we die, but our skin shrinks as we become dehydrated. When the skin shrinks, the hair and nails seem to grow longer because they are exposed more.

It is very dangerous to wake up sleepwalkers

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 7

Although 7 percent of people will sleepwalk at some point in their lives, we don’t know the exact cause of what causes the condition. Another common misconception about the human body issleepwalker is that you should not wake someone up when you meet them. This belief dates back to ancient times. Because in ancient times people believed that their souls leave their bodies while they sleep. That’s why they thought that when a sleepwalker wakes up, that person will become soulless. This false belief evolved over time into different dimensions. E.g “you wake someone up from sleepwalking and cause them to have a heart attack” or “you make her go crazy” etc.

Contrary to popular belief, it may be more dangerous not to wake someone who is sleepwalking. Think about it, someone walking around like a zombie… Unfortunately, there are many examples of people in history who accidentally fell from somewhere or harmed themselves in some way due to sleepwalking. The most sensible thing to do if you encounter someone who is sleepwalkingmake her go back to bed calmly.

Gum takes seven years to digest after swallowing

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 8

What gives gum its chewy texturesynthetic rubber. Yes, synthetic rubber is not digestible, but that doesn’t mean the gum you swallow can’t pass through your digestive system. gastroenterologist at Duke University School of MedicineRodger Liddle says the body is able to expel coin-sized objects from the body. In this case, a piece of gum can not cause problems for the body. However, if you have swallowed more than one gum in a short period of time, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

We can only use 10 percent of our brain

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 9

Most people have brainsonly 10 percent thinks we can use it. However, this is another misconception about the human body. neurologist speaking to Scientific AmericanBarry Gordon explained that most of the human brain is active almost continuously. Even when we are sleeping or resting, our brain is mostly active. What percentage of the brain is used at a given moment varies from person to person. This percentage also changes depending on what the person is doing or thinking.

Cracking fingers causes calcification

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 10

It is not known whether it is because they are disturbed by the sound, some people feel bad when they hear that their fingers are cracked around them. will cause calcification suggests. However, this is one of the misinformation about the human body. To date, scientists have not found any evidence that cracking a finger causes calcification. There is another serious issue to be concerned about, not calcification. Cracking the fingers constantly weakens the grip strength of the fingers.

If you shave, the hairs will come out blacker and thicker

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 11

Probably no one has heard of it. Even when you shavefaster and bushy is said to come out. This is one of the most widely known misconceptions about the human body, although it was proven by studies in 1928 that this is not true. In a 1928 study, a group of men shaved the same way with shaving foam of the same brand. Afterwards, the growing hairs were examined in terms of increased growth rates. No changes were recorded. The reason for this misconception may be that when you shave, the razor/machine cuts the hair from the surface of the skin, but does not completely remove the hair; cuts off some. The rest is under the skin. When the hair starts to grow, it may look or feel harder because it grows bluntly. In other words, shaving hair on any part of the body does not make it appear blacker or thicker.

We lose the most heat from our head

10 Misunderstood Facts About The Human Body 12

They say we should wear a hat in cold weather because we lose most of the heat from our heads. However, this is nothing but an urban legend, like the other information in our news. Scientists say this is not possible. So why such aurban legend exists? Usually, when it’s cold outside, we lose heat from our head because we’re wearing clothes, and that’s the only area where heat can come out. If it’s cold and you’re not wearing a hat/beanie, yes the heat is lost through the head, but if it’s cold and you’re wearing shorts, the heat naturally comes out of your legs.

Source: Listverse, Futurism, Tween Tribune

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