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Loved Archie Comics adapted for television as a dark eerie world, every corner of which is filled with a new mystery. Riverdale has created a significant fan base for his drama and his mention focusing on family, murder, friendship, love. Unexpected plots, strong female characters, trendy outfits, musical scenes, steamy romance and Cheryl Blossom‘s arrogance and sarcasm made Riverdale one of the most recognizable shows in a short time.

Although the events in the series seem like a puzzle, most of what goes on behind the scenes is actually not that much. Thanks to the fans watching every move the cast members make on social media, we’re always on the lookout for our favorite young gang’s goings-on. In this article, we have compiled 15 Riverdale facts for you, which we are sure that even the most devoted followers of the series do not know. Happy reading!

KJ Apa ships Barchie

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 2

Barchie, one of the characters of the series Betty and Archie and apparently Apa also thinks Archie and Betty should be together. In an interview with Vulture, Apa clearly stated this desire by saying, “If there was a random couple I ship, it would be Archie and Betty, which we can call a kind of classic, iconic relationship.”

Riverdale was originally designed for the big screen, not television.

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 3

Warner Bros. A vice-leader from , originally dreamed of a movie theater in which the red-haired hero Archie, played by Louis C. K., travels through time. It took several weeks for reporter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and director Jason Moore to put the idea to the table and reflect on it; however, as Aguirre-Sacasa explained during The CW’s 2017 Winter Television Critics Association, they eventually decided that a high-concept Archie movie was not what they wanted to talk about, so it was adapted into an Archie Comics television series.

Riverdale does not take place in a particularly obvious period

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 4

Confused by the show’s 1950s vibe and contemporary tech Cole Sprouse confirmed in a Reddit that Riverdale did not pass in a definite time frame to clear up this confusion, saying, “Riverdale has no official or announced time for now,” and said, “Considering the budget we allocate to atmospheric fog, the environment is about to fall. It has to make you feel.” he added.

Veronica character, first role of Camila Mendes

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 5

It’s like a dream, isn’t it? Mendes confirmed this in an interview with V Magazine, saying, “This is my first major role…or my first role ever.” Mendes graduated in December 2015, but did not graduate until May 2016. Just when he finished school, he auditioned for the role and thus got his first role.

Sprouse actually auditioned for the character of Archie

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 6

“It was funny, I was going to play Archie in the first place,” Cole Sprouse told Collider. Jughead‘s character is almost smitten. He said, “He had a scene with Jughead before the audition and I wasn’t very familiar with the characters at that point. So I played Jughead and thought, ‘Oh, I really love Jughead.’ I found out he was the narrator. So I thought, ‘I can’t die.’ Jughead is a really different character.” Sprouse thus decided to portray Jughead, one of the other leading roles in the series, not Archie, the character he auditioned for.

Jughead’s cap that he never took off has a meaning

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 7

It was also revealed during the Cole Sprouse Reddit AMA that even the costumes in Riverdale had subtexts. At the beginning of the 20th century, f. was disturbed by the fact that the ends of hats and berets were getting into his eyes. factory workers folded the edges of the berets. These employees, who do not have the luxury of being extravagant due to their financial situation, then give their berets to their children; The children also wore the berets with great pride. “The beret will always represent the disobedient working class,” Sprouse says at the AMA, which fits pretty well with our character Jughead.

The lipstick colors used by the characters reflect their personalities.

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 8

As we said before, no detail is empty in Riverdale! Makeup can be used for many things, from highlighting a person’s beauty to concealing imperfections. In this case, it was used to help the audience get an idea of ​​a character’s personality. Veronica’s darker brown and purple lip colors are her dark naturereflecting, Betty elegant and femininehas a pink lip color which matches Betty’s character- natural this blood red lipstick lover Dark Betty

Not valid for . Madelaine Petsch in CoverGirl’s behind-the-scenes image by Cheryl Blossom red lip explains the sentiment behind it with these words: “Red is the color of arrogance and fire, so when I put on red lipstick as Cheryl, everything works. It’s all over the lips.”

Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe looks too real

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 9

One of the iconic places of the series Pop’s Diner‘s set is so believable that truckers once thought the place was real and pulled up to order food! “The set designers built a very realistic pops restaurant, and since our studio is located near a major industrial street, 18 truckers of hungry people entered the set in the perception it was a functioning restaurant,” Sprouse said in a Reddit AMA. Pop’s Diner is actually ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Rocko’s Diner

Adapted from .

Mendes and Sprouse studied at the same university in one-to-one years

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 10

Even though they were not friends at the time, Camila Mendes, who plays the character of Veronica, and Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead, were one to one in the middle of the years. New York University

He studied acting in . “I was seeing him around and we were taking classes in a middle building, so I always saw him outside,” Mendes told Office Magazine. I used to see him and talk to his twin (Dylan Sprouse) randomly all the time, but I never had the chance to talk to Cole because he was so withdrawn.”

The most adventurous of the team: Cole Sprouse

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 11

An emerging photographer as well as acting, Sprouse explores Vancouver every weekend. Speaking to Glamor, Madelaine Petsch said: “She’s always searching places. ‘Does anyone want to be my test subject for this place I’m in right now?’ He says things like that often.” Sprouse also encourages other players to go out and explore the city. Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, told Cosmopolitan: “While filming, Cole told us, ‘Get out and travel on the weekends when you’re not filming!’ he encourages.”

Madelaine Petsch is a vegan

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 12

Although Petsch states that he ate honey, “Actually, all my life vegan,” he said, adding that he also had a plant-based diet throughout his life, meaning he had never eaten meat before. Petsch, Association of Strive for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or for short PETA

He also participated in the awareness campaign of . If your favorite restaurant Veggie Grill.

Mӓdchen Amick and Lili Reinhart have one-to-one tattoos

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 13

Playing mother-daughter in the series Mӓdchen Amick and Lili Reinhart noticed in their first desk reading that they both had arrow tattoos of the same artist on the same spot. “We quickly bonded because we had the exact same tattoo on our arm,” Amick told BUILD Series. According to Amick’s interview with Young Hollywood, Amick’s arrow is his zodiac sign. Spring

While it is a symbol of ; Read Reinhart, to overcome depression a symbol.

Sprouse was the sage of the team

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 14

‘The Luxury Life of Zack and Cody’

Sprouse, who had a taste of fame as a child with , was giving advice to other young players of Riverdale on these issues. According to what Mendes told Cosmopolitan, one of these recommendations is, ‘Don’t read the comments. Reading the Twitter feed. Stay away from him. It’s just going to get into your head.

Riverdale has dark pop culture influences

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 15

As you can tell at first glance, Riverdale is a youth drama adorned with deep cultural references that inform the series’ cosmos. If you notice, each part is named after a movie, book or TV series that inspired the series. wholly ‘ noir‘ is one of the main inspirations of the series; not that David Lynch Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet and youth dramas Stand By Me and Brick

You can also see the effects of .

Reinhart and Petsch lived together for a period

15 Interesting Facts About Riverdale 16

Petsch admitted that he and Reinhart were quite intimate, especially since they lived together in Vancouver during the filming of the first season. According to Petsch, who first met at the airport, the two quickly became best friends, according to Glamor. “We live together, so we can talk about our relationships, our personal life, or something else casually, and I always feel like he’s got my back,” Petsch added.

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