48 hours with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Samsung surprised me

48 hours with the Galaxy Z Fold 2:

All good things come in threes: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsung’s third folding phone. Compared to its direct predecessor, the South Korean manufacturer wants to have ironed out some weak points. In the first 48 hours, I took a closer look at how well that worked with my smartphone.

To anticipate it right away: No, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 did not become a bargain overnight either. The cell phone costs around $ 1,999.99. So Samsung could not eliminate the biggest point of criticism – the price. The improvements compared to the predecessor are of a purely technical nature – but they are all the more eye-catching, as the first 48 hours with the folding cell phone prove.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: I open the phone less often

Finally a bigger cover display! In the first Galaxy Fold, the outward-facing display was a bad joke. The screen was much too small with its 4.6-inch diagonal. You could hardly do more than briefly check WhatsApp without getting acute claustrophobia. In the Galaxy Z Fold 2, however, the display is 6.23 inches and extends over the entire length of the device. The surprising result: As often as with its predecessor, Samsung’s new folding cell phone no longer has to open.

But once the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is opened, you will no longer be overwhelmed by this huge notch that was visible in the upper right corner of the predecessor. Instead, Samsung has installed a discreet camera hole. It’s hard to believe what a huge difference that makes in practice. Maybe the inner Monk is speaking from me, but this completely broken symmetry drove me crazy with the original fold.

A better look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 can be found here in the video:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: The new folding smartphone in the video

Samsung improves the hinge in the Galaxy Z Fold 2

I am also surprised – in a positive sense – by the hinge in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung has put a lot of effort into this and you can tell that too. The folding cell phone is not too easy to open, but also not too difficult – perfectly balanced, if you will. Compared to the first generation, the hinge is almost stepless and gives the smartphone enough support in every opening position.

After two days it is already clear that Samsung’s new folding smartphone is one thing above all: fine-tuning. While the predecessor still appeared like a prototype, a “look what our engineers can do” mobile phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 leaves the impression of a finished product. The final test will show whether the positive first impression is confirmed – soon on CGH.

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