Ricoh WG-M2 Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Video Action Camera

4K-action cam Ricoh WG-M2 Test

The Action Cam Ricoh WG-M2 provides an ultra wide-angle lens and film in 4K resolution. As well, showing the Crazygadgetshere test.


Test Conclusion: What to know

Actually the concept of Ricoh WG-M2 like good: it is without additional housing very robust, has a display and easily accessible operating elements.

They also filmed in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. However, the videos were somewhat shaky and had a reddish tint. The battery life is decent with 95 minutes.

R ICOH is among others for its rugged compact cameras announced that defy wind and weather. The WG-M2, the manufacturer now has an action cam in the range, which is also tough and also filming in high definition 4K.

Thus lacking on the videos and no detail, the camera is equipped with an ultra wide angle lens, which is to show the subject is more than usual Action Cams. In Test Crazygadgetshere took the camera under the microscope.


4K 30fps

The newest member of the WG series offers videos in 4K resolution with 3840×2160 pixels. Like the GoPro Black Hero4 it takes up to 30 frames per second. In full HD mode even up to 60 frames per second are possible. Interesting is also the objective of 5,3×3,3×8 centimeters and 138 grams heavy Ricoh WG-M2 because it offers two shooting angle: In Wide mode, the viewing angle is the manufacturer 204 degrees, in Narrow mode 151 degrees. In the test, the angle coincided with 140 degrees and 129 degrees from slightly smaller – but still higher than in some other action cams. Exterior influences holds the Ricoh any problems. Falls from 2 meters and temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius are no problem. With the supplied converter lens the WG-M2 is even up to 20 meters waterproof.

Large buttons and a display

The operation is to succeed even with gloves according Ricoh. But has the Action Cam on the side of large buttons. In the test, the operator worked so without any problems. Useful to check the orientation of the camera as before recording, is about 3.8 centimeter display on the top of the WG-M2. The camera also registered their orientation, so the video is always the right way up, even when the camera is held upside down. WLAN to transmit content on smartphones, is also on board as various image effects, slow and fast motion functions.

Image quality upgradeable

So good facilities and operation of the WG-M2 are also, ultimately makes the image quality a lot of the note from. And here the Ricoh still air has upwards. In the test, the shots were quite sharp, but also a bit shaky and reddish. Thus, not with the Ricoh Best Action Cams compete. The battery life of 95 minutes is acceptable, especially considering the display, representing the Live image is sharp and bright. The sound is decent, but a bit noisy and with little depth.

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