850 million dollars for sale; breathtaking Batmobile is waiting for its new owner

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Batmobile, which will decorate everyone’s dreams with its design dynamics, has a price as splendid as itself.

Apart from the story dynamics and characters in the Batman series, “Big Toys” has always been positioned at a different point. I’ve never had the glory of Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile. We had the chance to see on the big screen that this unique car, which could even create a separate story through its design, was able to move on two wheels as a motorcycle when forced. Some dynamics, which are a reflection of the current films, also enable the operation of different models in the previous years. One of the examples of Batmobile, which we have come across many pk replicas up to this time, is offered for sale in order to reach its new owner. In this sales process in Russia, the price of the car’s $ 850 million is at least as controversial.


Featured details about the Batmobile project

In fact, it is possible to see just how serious the effort is on the project, which also includes a teaser video called “Batmobile in Moscow”. The use of the vehicle is 120 kilometers as described in the Auto.ru website is offered for sale. In the engine compartment, a 5.02-liter petrol engine producing 502 horsepower, the Batmobile has a transmission box. The features used in the vehicle will not search for those in the film. On the list; it has a removable steering wheel, armored windows, electronically upward-opening doors, night vision support, and a concept machine gun to complement the image. The upcoming process will show if this Batmobile example in the dynamics that will not look like the film will find a buyer.

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