Abandoned Captain America and the Red Skull scene

It’s been a long time since the Avengers Endgame movie was released, but new details are emerging. One of them is about the abandoned Captain America and the Red Skull scene. As you know, in the Avengers Infinity War, the Red Skull reappeared surprisingly. Finally, we saw this character in The film Captain America The First Avenger, transformed into the protector of the Spirit stone. The evil that Steve Rogers once fought was a much different character now. We also saw the Red Skull in the Avengers Endgame scene where Black Widow and Hawkeye went to Vormir. But it turns out that a much different version of this scene is planned.

Captain America and Red Skull plans

The authors of the Avengers Infinity War and the Avengers Endgame, who participated in the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, explained a scene they gave up. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, Writing Avengers: In the Endgame panel, were originally thought to take the Spirit stone Captain America, according to the details he shared. There was a scene where Steve Rogers, who went into space, faced Red Skull and worked with him to get the spirit stone. Although this scene is very interesting, this idea was abandoned without being transformed into a script. Instead, it was Hawkeye and Black Widow who went into space. We’ve even witnessed Natasha Romanoff sacrifice herself to get the stone.

After the Avengers Endgame, Captain America was probably confronted with the Red Skull in Vormir, leaving the infinity stones to their seats. But it will never be possible to find out what happened in these moments.

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