Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth and Gums 1

A perfectly healthy, natural alternative to the whole family, this activated charcoal powder cleans and polishes teeth healthy and can be used instead of standard toothpaste or as additional teeth whitening powder.

To strengthen the tooth enamel, improve the health of the gums and cut the bad breath, charcoal teeth whitening formulation does not contain toxic components, fluoride or bleach. It is less corrosive than toothpaste sold in most stores, coal dust for teeth is safe for daily use and suitable for the whole family including sensitive teeth and braces.

With its natural teeth whitening formula, it gently cleans tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco stains and makes your mouth feel fresh and clean.

Where to buy activated charcoal? Come to answer the question. Click on the yellow button above or you can reach the product via this link.

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