Adidas 100% recyclable model FUTURECRAFT.LOOP

Adidas finally revealed its 100 percent recyclable shoe model. FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is among the performance models.

Adidas has been working on a long time recyclable shoe model. Parley for the Oceans cooperated with the company since 2015, producing partially convertible products, using the ocean waste shoe designs were implemented. In a press release, the company announced that it will produce 11 million pairs of shoes together with Parley in 2019 and is ready to improve its vision of recyclable and environmentally friendly footwear. Indeed, FUTURECRAFT.LOOP model also introduces the first point of the 100 percent recyclable sports shoes, offers the point of the user’s appreciation.

Made without adhesive

In the statement, it is stated that no adhesive is used in the production of shoes, but only one material (TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is produced. Laces, shoe face, shoe lining, midsole and the outer sole of the shoe are in different densities, flexibility, and forms. The first pair is currently only available in white. Color models will be released in the coming periods. In the first place, only 200 pairs of shoes will meet with new buyers. For the time being, no clear explanation was made about the price. Adidas, however, plans a broader production and distribution network in line with feedbacks, adding that these plans will yield fruit in the spring-summer period of 2021. You can watch the video prepared for the new shoe model.

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