Adidas cases for the iPhone 11

Adidas Cases introduced sporty models for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The new cases appeal to those who cannot leave the phone, even when doing sports.

Adidas is expanding its range of sports products with sports-friendly iPhone 11 accessories. Cases designed for Apple’s latest iPhone models cater to different needs. The most remarkable family of the company that announces three different models is the Grip Case family. The case, which provides the protection needed by the phone, prevents the device from slipping while protecting the device from impacts. The main feature of the Grip Case is, of course, the holding area behind it. This area makes it easier for you to hold the phone in running conditions if you wish; it makes it possible to follow your workout from your phone while making certain movements by turning into a stand. It is inevitable for Adidas to have such a design in these days when the cases that provide a space to hold the phone behind are quite popular. This model is sold abroad at a price of $35.00.

Transparent Adidas cases for iPhone 11 family

The second model appeals to those who do not want to carry a wallet when going for a run or going to sport. In addition to the standard case functions, the case has space behind which you can place your credit card. This model will be particularly attractive in countries where Apple Pay is not available. You can get rid of the unnecessary weight on your side and focus on sports with your card, phone, and headphones. This model has a $30.00 price tag.

In addition to all these, there is a transparent sheath that we can call standard. Apple has a transparent case designed primarily for the iPhone 11 family. But if you want a giant Adidas logo on the back of this case, the company thought about it. It should be noted that it does not have any distinguishing features like other covers. This transparent case provides extra security for the smartphone and costs $30.00 abroad.

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