AirPods Max

AirPods Max:

Slowly but surely, the first experience reports on the new AirPods Max – Apple’s most expensive headphones. Apart from the sound quality that is perceived as suitable, Apple confuses with a dubious sense and purpose of a very specific accessory. The testers can only wonder and are left perplexed.

At just under $ 550.00, the new AirPods Max is by no means cheap, but there is at least impeccable workmanship and the best sound, everyone agrees. However, the enclosed Smart Case provides for discussion: Why do you need this again?

Apple’s Smart Case for the AirPods Max: sense and purpose

Actually, it is a kind of cloth flap that is placed around the ear cups of the AirPods Max. Looks weird – not unlike a bra. But the headphones are not really protected. After all, the case is designed to be open, so the bracket serves as a handle, for example – funny but pointless. The real purpose is all the more curious. The AirPdos Max cannot be switched off, they are always on and use electricity. This is where the smart case comes into play, plugging in the headphones is supposed to reduce power consumption. That’s right, just reduce it, because even then the AirPods won’t turn off. Alone they cut the connections to iPhone and Co.

At the end of the video you can also see the Smart Case:

In practice: completely without sense

So much for the theory. In practice, however, the smart case has almost no effect on power consumption. Both YouTubers Marques Brownlee and Andru Edwards, as well as their colleagues from MacRumors, all, come to the same conclusion: The savings in energy consumption in the smart case are minimal, with several hours only in the small, single-digit percentage range. In short: It doesn’t really make any difference whether you use the smart case at all.

In summary: The smart case for the new AirPods Max is really pointless to build in a kind of “fig leaf” for Apple’s forgetfulness, a mundane on / off switch. For owners, this means: If you don’t want to “fiddle around” with the most senseless Apple accessories of all time, you don’t actually need to use them. There’s no big difference, with or without.

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