Colorful AirPods Pro

Apple’s stubbornness in producing earplugs only in white serves third-party companies. AirPods Pro models in every color you can think of.

When Apple introduced the AirPods Pro, enthusiasts were not only expecting an active noise canceling wireless headset, but also an Apple with different color options. Particularly with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, it was more likely to come with more fun wireless headphones than Apple, which had adopted the colors from good to good. However, unfortunately, the expectations were not as requested. This, of course, worked for third-party companies. As the AirPods were first released, the color versions became available on the Internet. One of them is ColorWare, which not only paints the headphones and the case but also allows you to create unique combinations.

Wide range of colors for AirPods Pro

In ColorWare, where you can customize the headset from the personalization screen on the website, you can paint each headset in a different color. You can also choose whether the color is matte or glossy or metallic. These options also apply to the carrying case of the headphones. The standard white AirPods Pro, currently sold at $249.00, comes with a carrying case and the total cost of painting is $439.00. If you don’t want to paint the case, the price stays at $389.00. These dyeing processes do not include colored silicones. In other words, even if you paint the body of the headset designed in the form of in-ear silicone heads remain white. However, with the speed of third party companies, we are sure to see color silicon sales soon. Let me remind you that the selling price of the product is $249.00.

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