AirPods Pro

Apple’s new wireless headset model AirPods Pro, recently launched, is on the agenda with the first review. The first comments for the model are here;

In short, unlike the existing AirPods, the in-ear wireless headset stands out with its active noise canceling feature. Here, the built-in microphones detect external sounds and produce equally anti-noise, preventing external sounds from coming to you. The advanced Apple H1 chip is at the heart of the wireless headset, which also has a transparent mode for listening to what’s going on around you. This enables AirPods Pro to connect with Apple devices very quickly, and is water and sweat resistant and can also be used for phone calls. It offers a battery life of up to 4.5 hours with active noise cancellation and up to 5 hours when noise cancellation is turned off.

One of the first to test this model is the famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee. MKBHD, which has been using the first AirPods for a long time, shares its first comments about the model in the video above. The model is much smaller than the normal AirPods in the ear and doesn’t get bad comments about active noise suppression. The headset, which exceeds the expectations of everyone who tries it, does not cause the “vacuum effect” problem experienced in some other noise-canceling headphones thanks to its design and air passage. The product, which appears to help you choose the right silicone tip, is good sound quality. So far, no one speaks of excellent sound quality compared to AirPods. The noise-canceling wireless headset, which significantly improves sound quality, does not seem to bring an extreme increase here.

AirPods Pro wireless headset sale price?

AirPods Pro wireless headset retail price is $ 249.00. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case $ 164.99

Other box opening and first view videos for the product:

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