AirPods Studio revealed in advance

Now the cat is out of the bag because the AirPods Studio‘s final design has been confirmed by two independent sources. CGH explains what we can see in the secret pictures and which features of the new headphones can be expected.

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Release: October 30, 2019
Genres: headphones
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The existence of Apple’s own studio headphones has often been rumored, but now we actually get to see the AirPods Studio before the actual release. We can thank the well-known Apple insider Jon Prosser on the one hand and the Twitter user “Fudge”, who has already appeared, on the other. The latter presents both a rather blurry image and a short video that the AirPods Studio is supposed to show, which is not really better resolved.

Image source: Concept Creator, Jon Prosser

Apple’s big headphones: AirPods Studio with a classic look

Prosser, in turn, wants to protect his sources and instead publishes high-quality 3D models of the Apple headphones, which, however, correspond to the images published by “Fudge”. In short: This is what the AirPods Studio actually look like in the end, the cat is out of the bag.

Accordingly, the AirPods Studio will be more classic, less “rowdy” than the headphones from the subsidiary Beats. The focus is on the material’s leather and metal. A certain resemblance to existing headphones from the Bowers & Wilkins brand is clearly recognizable.

With regard to other features, Jon Prosser also informs us in a further tweet, he takes up various previous reports from the rumor mill and “confirms” them. The ominous, magnetic ear cups, which can be exchanged accordingly, and the automatic right / left recognition are mentioned. Furthermore, the AirPods Studio should definitely not have a classic headphone jack, but there is USB-C. It remains to be seen whether this connection is used solely for the power supply or as an audio connection in addition to the wireless option.

AirPods Studio release?

The question of the release date also remains unanswered. The next opportunity to introduce it will be at another Apple event in October. This has not yet been announced, but a silent presentation of the still outstanding iPhone 12 is unlikely, it has to be the big stage. We can then currently expect this from the middle of the next month.

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