AirPods wired again

AirPods wired again?

Apple’s AirPods are wireless, in the truest sense of the word – not a cord that could interfere. And yet a most recent design provides the most beautiful reason to turn away from the current design dogma.

Bluetooth earphones with strings from Apple? Doesn’t exist, apart from models like the Powerbeats from the subsidiary Beats. AirPods are so-called “True Wireless Headphones” per se and yet there is a particularly nice reason to change this unwritten law in the future.

Hey Apple, this is how the AirPods become a necklace

The product designers from “Yibai Science & Technology” provide us with this with their “Jade Culture Earphone Jue 20” – so far only a concept, but an excellent one from the iF Industrie Forum Design. The bean-shaped earpieces are initially reminiscent of high-quality ear studs, both in their gold and green colors. The latter shade is an allusion to the precious jewelry stone jade. They are connected to one another with a piece of cable, the purpose of which becomes clear when you remove the sound bodies from your ears.

AirPods wired again jade_kopfhoerer

Then they fold up magnetically and form a handsome pendant, while the cable becomes a necklace – a real fashion statement. For companies like Apple a welcome opportunity to drive sales, especially with female customers.

AirPods wired again jade_kopfhoerer 2
The principle explained at a glance

Fashion and technology: the basis for sales growth

Different shapes, colors, and materials are conceivable. Users could be motivated to buy new AirPods on a regular basis. Not necessarily because technology has improved, but because you always have several options when it comes to jewelry. People buy it because they like them and go with their clothes. The basic idea would not be new. A similar approach has already been followed with the Apple Watch since it went on sale in spring 2015. Here it’s not just the different case materials, especially the easily exchangeable bracelets that are aimed at a fashion-conscious audience.

Different colors and bracelets, even the Apple Watch is a fashion product from Apple:

It would only make sense for Apple to expand this tactic to other products, the AirPods would certainly be ideal for this – trendy and in the end not too expensive either. In other words, real fashion trendsetters would buy more than just a pair. With or without a cable in the end? A matter of taste, but a neat idea in any case.

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