All-new Kindle Kids Edition

Kindle Kids Edition model designed by Amazon for kids and e-book technology aims to give children the habit of reading.

While families are trying to get their kids off their mobile devices, Amazon is trying to pull that attention in a different direction with the Kindle. The Kids Edition, which is added to Amazon’s Kindles by designing e-book technology for children, both lightens children’s bags and provides a distraction-free reading experience. The new model comes with a one-year free subscription to Amazon‘s FreeTime Unlimited service. This membership includes thousands of books, movies, television series, educational apps and games that are accessible to children. On the Kindle side, of course, there are countless books.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition model gives children the habit of e-books

The e-book reader comes with a 6-inch e-ink display. Unlike Paperwhite and Oasis, it provides 167 PPI resolution, which is the same as the most affordable model. The other two models have 300 PPI. The adjustable display light makes it easy to read content in the dark. Thus, it is also possible to read books without having to worry about turning off the light before sleep. With 8GB of internal memory, the e-book reader can host thousands of books. Of course, the charge lasts for weeks. The model for children also comes with sleeves designed to suit children. The device also offers a variety of achievements to make it easy to read. Families can also view which book their children read at which times of the day and through the mobile application. The new model, which will be introduced from October 30th, is now available for pre-order at $ 109.99 on the Amazon page with four different case options.

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