Amazon toys 5 new Echo models and Fire TV 4K

Amazon toys 5 new Echo models and Fire TV 4K

Amazon, which has been acclaimed with desktop voice assistant Alexa and Echo models, came out with new products. Introducing new models with the event held in Seattle yesterday, Amazon, 5 new Amazon Echo model as well as the Fire TV 4K model was released.

Introduced yesterday, the new Echo is the newest member of the Echo family, Having a price tag of $ 99, the new Echo has small design changes compared to its predecessors. The new Echo, which will deliver a successful audio performance, has built-in woofer and Dolby audio support.


Amazon toys 5 new Echo models and Fire TV 4K


Introduced as the largest member of the family, Echo Plus is much bigger in terms of design compared to the new Echo model. With a design line similar to the first Echo model, Echo Plus has a price tag of $ 149. Echo Buttons is undoubtedly the most interesting product that comes out with the event.

The Echo Buttons models, which come with a very colorful design, are basically interesting buttons that can work with other Echo models via Bluetooth. Let’s also add that the pair of Echo Buttons models has a $ 20 price tag. Amazon also designed an Echo model for you to make phone calls, and it also introduced the Echo Connect model, which connects to landlines.

Fire TV with 4K support

Echo Connect, which has a price tag of $ 35, is one of the most interesting products advertised with the Echo Buttons. Echo Spot, designed as a combination of Echo dot and Echo Show products, is an Echo model with an Alexa support and a small screen. The most expensive model introduced after the Echo Plus model, Echo Spot, will be offered at a price tag of $ 130.

Finally, let’s talk about the renewed Fire TV model. The renewed Fire TV has just gotten to the resolution of 4K like the Apple TV that came out in the past days. Fire TV, which can transmit 4K 60 fps images, has a price tag of $ 70.

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