AMD gives in

AMD gives in:

The decision was actually already made, but now AMD is pulling the ripcord again. The chip manufacturer listens to the voices of customers – and at the same time breaks with an old tradition.

AMD’s “Nvidia Killer“: New graphics cards with a classic design continues to be manufactured

With the new RX-6000 graphics cards, AMD has launched some interesting alternatives to Nvidia’s RTX-3000 models. It is now a tradition for both manufacturers that the so-called Founders Editions or reference models make up a certain part of the business in the initial phase, but custom models from third-party manufacturers take over the market over time.

After a few months, the production of the in-house models will be discontinued, especially AMD always pulled the plug on its reference models very early. With the current cards, however, it will work differently, as the Vice President of the “AMD Radeon” team Scott Herkelmann announced on Twitter:

Instead of stopping production of the cards immediately, production is being extended. In this way, AMD is breaking with an old tradition and backing down spectacularly. Because in mid-November, Herkelman confirmed that the reference cards should only be produced until the beginning of next year. However, due to the huge demand, this plan is now history.

Radeon RX 6000: Production extended for an indefinite period

Herkelman did not announce a precise period for the production extension via Twitter – there is talk of an “indefinite period of time”. Production will likely not stop until demand declines. Since AMD, like Nvidia, has to struggle with production problems, this should take a while.

Customers complain about the poor availability of the graphics cards and scalpers, which the GPUs offer at horrendous prices on platforms like eBay. AMD actually wanted to avert such a disaster by appealing to the sellers, but this plan does not seem to have worked.

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