AMD is dropping the covers of the upcoming RX-6000 graphics cards

RX-6000 graphics cards

Just look, don’t touch. With technical data and performance values, AMD has so far been behind the scenes but is now dropping the covers of the upcoming RX-6000 graphics cards. But if you want to see more, you have to get involved in a special marketing gag from AMD.

Radeon RX 6000: AMD shows for the first time what the new graphics cards will look like

For months there have been repeated leaks and rumors about AMD’s new graphics cards of the RDNA-2 generation. In the meantime, there are numerous statements about the “Nvidia killer” Big Navi, which sometimes contradict each other. But there is still nothing really tangible – at least until the end. Because yesterday AMD revealed a secret of the upcoming RX-6000 cards: the design. This is what the upcoming Nvidia competitors will look like:

AMD finally seems to be saying goodbye to the blower design – that should please many fans. So far, the triple-fan design of the high-priced Radeon VII was withheld – so now the classic gaming graphics cards from AMD seem to be able to benefit from it. Now you can also look forward to cooler temperatures and quieter background noise in the reference design.


The two classic PCIe connectors for powering the card can also be seen in the picture. While Nvidia supports a new 12-pin connector, AMD relies on the tried and tested. After all, this eliminates the need to use a corresponding adapter. There wasn’t much else to discover on the official Twitter account. But AMD had another surprise in store, which not all fans liked.

Marketing campaign with Fortnite: admire the new graphics card directly in the game

Because if you want to take a closer look at the graphics card, you have to log into Fortnite. In the game from Epic Games, you can actually admire a huge 3D model. The code 5877-8461-8283 takes you to a special island on which the new graphics card appears to be floating. The Twitter user @NateOrb has logged into the game, made a few screenshots, and published them on Twitter:

Here you can also see which connections AMD’s new graphics card will offer. In addition to two DisplayPort connections, there is also an HDMI port and a USB-C connector. The latter is unlikely to be available for the VirtualLink standard, which has since been written off but is intended for connecting USB-C monitors. It remains to be seen whether further specifications will be publicly announced by AMD before the official Livestream.

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