Hit against Nvidia: AMD pulls a new graphics card ace up its sleeve

AMD pulls a new graphics card ace up its sleeve

AMD pulls another ace up its sleeve – and without further ado introduces a new graphics card. However, you don’t want to go into battle against Nvidia’s new top models, instead you attack the rival in a completely different price range. Nevertheless, you don’t bang the drum for the pixel accelerator. What is this model about?

Radeon RX 5300: AMD’s new graphics card for full HD gaming
There were no leaks, no rumors, no inside information and no press release about her. It just came out of nowhere: AMD’s new graphics card, the Radeon RX 5300. While Nvidia has kicked off the advertising machinery for every new GPU in the last two years, AMD is apparently trying to sweep the sales launch of the RX 5300 under the rug.

The RX 5300 is apparently a slimmed-down version of the RX 5500 XT, AMD’s previous entry-level graphics card for Full HD gaming. Compared to its bigger brother, the RX 5300 offers only 3 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory instead of 8 or 4, and the memory interface has been reduced from 128 to 96 bits. The clock rate of the graphics chip has also been reduced. While the RX 5500 XT gets up to 1,717 MHz in games, the RX 5300 already stops at 1,448 MHz. What remains the same, however, is the number of stream processors. There are 1,408 of them on both cards.

Because of these changes, the maximum single-precision computing power is reduced from 5.2 to 4.63 TFLOPs. After all, the power consumption is also reduced from 130 to 100 watts. An additional power connection is still necessary with this power consumption. The power supply from the motherboard is insufficient.

AMD vs. Nvidia: is the new graphics card faster than the competition?

AMD vs. Nvidia: is the new graphics card faster than the competition

With the Radeon RX 5300, AMD clearly wants to outdo Nvidia’s GTX 1650. According to AMD’s manufacturer benchmarks, this also seems to work quite well in some games. The RX 5300 can prevail over the GTX 1650 OC in the games Battlefield 5, Monster Hunter World, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and PUBG. The graphics settings were set to high ultra in all games, the frame rates of the AMD graphics card were between 69 (Monster Hunter World, CoD: MW) and 86 FPS (Battlefield 5) in Full HD resolution. The Nvidia model, on the other hand, achieved an average of only 44 (Monster Hunter World) to 59 FPS (PUBG, Battlefield 5).

If the price of the RX 5300 is attractive enough, the new AMD graphics card could actually establish itself as an inexpensive entry-level model for PC gamers. However, the 3 GB VRAM should quickly turn out to be a bottleneck for some games. Furthermore, you should wait for the first independent tests by specialist magazines until you can draw a final conclusion.

What the Nvidia GTX 1650 also has ahead of the competition are the “low profile” versions with lower power consumption. Although these offer a little less power, they do not require an additional power connection and can be operated directly via the motherboard, which can be an advantage with some PC configurations.

There is not yet an official price for the RX 5300. It also remains to be seen whether the graphics card will even find its way into free trade as an XT model, as was the case with the RX 5500. The GTX 1650 costs around $ 169.00 right now. If the RX 5300 is offered in a similar price range, it could take the butter off Nvidia’s bread

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2 thoughts on “Hit against Nvidia: AMD pulls a new graphics card ace up its sleeve”

  1. Pretty cool, but it definitely needs to be under $150 or it’s just not worth it. You can get a souped up RX 580 8GB for around $180 right now, and that 3GB of VRAM just isn’t gonna cut it in some titles. Honestly I think $120-$130 is a good price range for it and it should be marketed to be paired with a Ryzen 3 CPU for 1080p gaming.

  2. Ryzen 5 3600x isn’t much more expensive, and forget the radeon for that price range, get a used 1660 super and you won’t need an upgrade for a long time.

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