AMD's APU Roadmap for 2021 and 2022 Revealed

AMD’s APU Roadmap:

APU models that AMD will allegedly introduce in the next two years have emerged. It looks like the company will focus on the Vega 7 iGPU in models that will be released next year. In 2022, APUs with Navi2 are expected to become widespread.

The roadmap for AMD’s next-generation Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), which has recently taken the lead in the processor industry, has emerged. Twitter user @_rogame, famous for leaks, shared the APUs that the red team plans to launch in 2021 and 2022.

The source claims that AMD will use the codename Cezanne in its Zen3-architecture APUs, which will be introduced next year. On the other hand, iGPU seems to be limited to Vega 7. At this point, the company is expected to launch Rembrandt, developed with 6 nm technology, in 2022 with Zen3 + architecture and Navi2 iGPU. The leaks also mention several previously unheard of code names.

AMD’s APU roadmap in 2021 and 2022:

According to the sharing, AMD will launch two Cezanne versions, 45 W and 15 W, in 2021. Both models are expected to be built on Zen3 architecture with Vega 7 iGPU. However, another APU that will be launched in 2021 will be Lucienne. The APU, which will have a single 15W TDP, will come with the Vega 7 iGPU like the Cezanne version but will be built on the Zen2 architecture and exit the 7 nm process.

AMD's APU Roadmap for 2021 Revealed

The other 2 APU models expected to be released in 2021 are VanGogh and Pollock. At this point, it is claimed that the APU, codenamed VanGogh with a TDP value of 9 W, will rise on the Zen2 processor architecture and will come with Navi2 iGPU. Pollock, which is expected to be the last model of 2021, will have 4.5 W TDP and will exit the 14 nm production process.

By 2022, the source claims that AMD will release two versions for the APU, code-named Rembrandt, 45 W and 15 W. The APUs, both of which will come with Navi2 iGPUs, will be based on the Zen3 + core architecture. AMD will manufacture these APUs in TSMC’s 6 nm fabrication and will have LPDDR5 / DDR5. Barcelo-U will be released as VanGogh’s successor without any changes.

AMD's APU Roadmap for 2022 Revealed

Two other APU models to be introduced during the year are expected to be DragonCrest and Pollock. At this point, DragonCrest, which will be built on Zen2 architecture and have a TDP of 9W, will have a Navi2 iGPU2. Like Rembrandt, this model is expected to have LPDDR5. We can see that Pollock’s production will continue in 2022.

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