PS4 component could paralyze your console

The system clock on your PS4 console could be a real nuisance. A component inside turns out to be a ticking time bomb that could paralyze your console. Here at CGH, we’ll tell you what consequences you have to expect and what you can do about it

PS4: Defective component leads to annoying errors

In every PS4 console, there is a system clock that you can neither adjust nor see. The system clock is operated with a built-in battery. This battery is now the crux of the matter, as resourceful users report on Twitter.

If your battery breaks or even loses its power, you will no longer be able to play games offline from this point on. And neither digital games nor the disc versions from your home shelves. You will see the error code CE 34878-0.

Why is that? The internally installed system clock is, among other things, a safety aspect for the trophies of the PS4. If you could set the system clock manually, you could artificially put the time at which you earned a trophy in the past.

If the battery is defective and the system clock is paralyzed, the PS4 automatically blocks all games in offline mode, as the time can no longer be confirmed. From now on it is only possible to play with a permanent server connection to the PSN. The system clock synchronizes itself automatically.

What can you do about a defective PS4 battery?

So if you always play in online mode with your PS4 anyway, you have nothing to worry about. What can you do if you just want to play offline? It is entirely possible to replace the empty or defective battery or to have it replaced. After that, the fresh battery only needs to be synchronized with the PSN servers once.

In a not entirely legal case, it is also possible to change the internal system clock manually. However, we advise against this method. But what if you live with your defective PS4 battery but can’t connect to the server?

An absolute disaster would of course be if Sony should decide to shut down the PS4 servers in the distant future. Then at the latest, you will look into the tube with a defective battery. But even temporary internet failures or technical problems with the PSN could cause frustration for gaming.

One thing is certain, sooner or later your battery will run out of juice and create the problem of offline gaming. Until then, you can safely continue to gamble with your PS4. And who knows, maybe Sony will find a solution via a firmware update that will remedy the situation.

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