Surface Buds

The Apple AirPods might be another competitor in the wireless headset race. If the rumors are true, “Microsoft wireless headset” is in serious work.

Apple AirPods is a very popular product. The company is forced to raise stocks at the time of the first ear, according to the information still sells very good. Here is a competitor to this product coming from Microsoft. According to solid sources, the company is preparing to present its new headset, which is said to be called Surface Buds, under the code of Morrison. Surface Headphones With an estimated price of $ 349, the software giant wants to offer its users a much more portable model. It is not known how the new Microsoft signed earpiece will look like it is expected to have a charge-capable transport container like AirPods. A high quality option, called the headset, in this respect, is not expected to be sold for less than $ 200.

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Apple AirPods helped the growth of the wireless headset market very seriously

As far as we know, the shopping giant Amazon is also working on a wireless headset with AirPods rival. In recent years, giving importance to the hardware side like Microsoft, Amazon, smart features (including Alexa digital assistant) with a headset to make plans. The increase in wireless headphones looks great for the wireless future. You know, now the wired headsets are slowly being pushed back into the background.

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