Apple AR glasses

Apple AR glasses:

After the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Apple’s own AR glasses will probably follow in 2021 – the experts agree on that. But much is still a mystery. An imaginative design now gives us a possible idea.

Nothing came of it: Actually, according to trustworthy sources, Apple should have presented its first AR glasses this year – Apple Glasses. Presumably due to Corona, the iPhone manufacturer has postponed the date. Luck in misfortune: The concept of a talented designer shows us what Apple glasses could look like.

Apple’s big hit in 2021: a look into the future

The design of Apple glasses is more likely to be based on normal glasses than on any sci-fi studies. Prescription glasses should also be available on request. Apple is simply launching an attack on Fielmann and Co. – the eyewear industry can dress warmly.

Apple AR glasses-2

But we still don’t have that right idea of ​​it. The designer Hasan Kaymak from Kassel gives them to us, his design is dedicated to the AR glasses from Apple. In it he lets his imagination run wild. At first glance, the shape is more reminiscent of a very sporty “nose bike”. Exciting: Instead of two individual glasses, there is probably a single, continuous surface – two glasses connected with a glass bridge.

Design language in detail

There are two sizes to choose from – narrower or slightly wider in terms of the visual surface. The frame is made of stainless steel. In addition to silver and black, there are also rose gold, red and blue in color. The first two colors should certainly appeal to the masses. Technically, his design includes features such as eye-tracking, a 3D scan and a kind of night mode. When it comes to the visualization of the operating system, Kaymak then saves a bit and quickly decides on a superimposed “app gyro”, as we already know from the Apple Watch.

The Apple AR glasses in the concept video:

As always, the following applies to such studies: Nice to look at, but they are not a guarantee for Apple’s actual design. We might get to see this next year. After all, we already have an (imaginative) idea of ​​Apple’s AR glasses.

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