Apple banned Epic Games

Apple banned Epic Games’ developer account; here are the details

In the fight that started over Fortnite, which was deleted from the App Store by Apple, the developer company Epic Games has received the expected penalty.

For those who still do not know, Epic Games has added an alternative payment infrastructure to the iOS and Android versions of the Fortnite game to Apple and Google’s built-in payment systems in recent weeks. However, Epic Games violated the market rules of Apple and Google with this alternative infrastructure. Therefore, first Apple and then Google removed Fortnite from the official application markets. That’s why Epic Games sued both companies. Apple and Google want developers to use their own payment systems for in-app purchases, while Epic Games opposed this process due to a 30 percent commission cut in the companies’ payment system.

Apple banned Epic Games

Later, Apple gave Epic Games until August 28, and it was said that Epic had to correct the violations in the Apple Developer Program until this date. It was stated that if these arrangements and changes are not made, Epic Games will be cut off from access to iOS and Mac developer accounts and the App Store. This move came true minutes ago. Epic Games has been taken completely out of the ecosystem. The company’s other games other than Fortnite are now deleted from the App Store. Those who have already downloaded the games are said to be able to continue playing.

Unreal Engine game engine will not be affected by Fortnite-focused war between Microsoft, Apple and Epic Games

This situation had recently become clear. In the statement made, it was stated that the court could close the developer account of Epic Games, the update of Fortnite could be prevented, but the development and distribution process of the Unreal Engine game engine could not be stopped. This gave hundreds of game developers a sigh of relief.

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