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Apple Car:

For years, rumors have been circulating about Apple’s plans to bring its own car onto the market. So far it has hardly become concrete. Now, with Hyundai, a well-known automaker is stepping in and making a sensational announcement.

Information about Apple’s own electric car has been coming to light again and again since 2015. Much has been speculated about the project under the name Titan. Sometimes it went ahead, then again it was said that the plans would be discontinued. Now a Hyundai official’s comment is fueling interest again.

Apple and Hyundai are negotiating cooperation for electric cars

As reported by the US broadcaster CNBC, a spokesman for Hyundai Motor said after a South Korean newspaper learned of talks with Apple. “Apple is in negotiations with several international automakers. Hyundai is one of them and we are in the early stages of the talks. Nothing has been decided, “The Korea Economic Daily quoted a statement from the group.

In a later statement, the South Korean automaker avoided mentioning Apple. On the other hand, it becomes clearer here what one is apparently exchanging information about: We are talking about a collaboration for the “development of autonomous electric vehicles”. According to a previous statement to the newspaper, the talks should also be about battery technology. Should this result in more, Apple and Hyundai will be in direct competition with Tesla with this program. Elon Musk‘s company – recently risen to become the richest person in the world – is considered the top dog in the field of autonomous driving and battery power for its electric cars. Curious: Musk had only revealed a few weeks ago that Apple had refused to buy Tesla years ago.

What does Apple say?

According to CNBC, Apple has not commented on the matter itself. So that Apple’s electric car will come – or when – cannot be considered certain so far. What the reports confirm, however, is that the iPhone manufacturer is apparently pushing its e-car project with renewed momentum. The news has positive consequences for Hyundai: Shortly after the talks with Tesla became known, the share of the South Koreans made a leap – their value rose by up to 24 percent at the top.

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