Apple event in Livestream: Watch the keynote on the Apple Watch 6 here

Apple event in Livestream

What’s the best way to follow today’s keynote at the Apple event? Of course via live stream. So you are close to it but sit comfortably at home in your own four walls. But how and especially where can you watch the live stream at all? CGH compiles the options.

Finally, there is another Apple event – keynote included. Apple invites you to start on Tuesday, September 15th at 7 p.m. our time. There are lots of new products to see. There are rumors about one or more Apple Watches and much more. If you want to be there, you have the opportunity to do so via Livestream. You can see it in various places on the Internet, the viewer is spoiled for choice.

Apple event in September 2020: Follow the keynote live stream directly

The easiest option is on YouTube because there the live stream can be followed across all system boundaries and on all devices compatible with YouTube. The correct placeholder from Apple can already be found on the side of the video platform. If you want, you don’t have to surf there, you can watch the article on CGH right here. YouTube Livestream can be found below:

Apart from YouTube, Apple naturally also broadcasts the live stream on its own website. In the past, this was only available to Apple users with Mac, iPhone and iPad, but those days are over. Other browsers apart from Apple’s Safari now also work.

In addition, Apple usually offers another option for owners of an Apple TV (from 2nd generation upwards), because there the Apple keynote is also transmitted within the Apple event app. The live stream can also be admired directly on the TV. Speaking of which: Of course, this also works via AirPlay from an Apple device or using the YouTube live stream with any other device via Google Chromecast. Good to know: If you miss the live stream, you can watch the recording again later, for example directly on YouTube.

Live vs. Livestream

But we still have to talk about one thing: How “live” is the live stream anyway? Even at the WWDC keynote, we received a previously recorded broadcast presented as a live stream. The assumption is that this will also be repeated at Apple’s September event – the corona restrictions still apply. It probably bothered at least the audience, so you could at least understand everything clearly and you are immune from breakdowns, although the latter can be quite amusing at times.

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