Apple event products Insider reveals all the surprises

Apple event products

Finally another Apple event, but what is there to see? If you don’t want to be deprived of the joy of the surprise, you shouldn’t read any further now. Because CGH picks up the revelations of a well-known insider and reveals which products Apple wants to surprise us with.

A lot of new products from Apple await us this fall. Only a few days ago we summarized the expected innovations, but which of them can be seen on Tuesday at the Apple event?

Apple event: Apple Watch and iPads are considered safe

The most well-informed Apple expert and insider Jon Prosser speak up these days, now he’s telling us what we can expect at the Apple event and which products will probably not be on display.

According to his contacts, we should be able to expect the following product updates:

Apple Watch: Was to expect a new Apple Watch. But the real surprise is likely to be the division into two smartwatch model series. A cheap and slightly stripped-down Apple Watch in Series 4 clothing and a new Apple Watch Pro. It was expected to be the Apple Watch Series 6.

New iPads: Prosser also predicts two models here, first of all, the iPad Air A4. But even the cheapest iPad should now appear in the 8th generation. The demarcation of the two models is currently rather unclear because overlapping rumors were not always clear. At least one model, if not both, should resemble the iPad Pro – the full-size display and the absence of a home button are considered to have been agreed.

You don’t necessarily need a new Apple Watch for new Smartwatch features, because watchOS 7 also introduces the following innovations:

No iPhone or new AirPods yet

A clear rejection applies to the iPhone 12, here we must actually hope for another Apple event in October – the general delay of the smartphone itself was previously confirmed by Apple weeks ago. We won’t see the AirPods Studio either. Apple’s first, own studio headphones are not yet ready for the big show. The expert has not yet said anything about other products, but there is still more to come. Either way, however, only Apple Watch and iPads are in the spotlight, he writes: “I’m sure there could be more, but that (Apple Watch and iPads, editor’s note) is the main focus of the event.”

A possible “goodie” could for example be the “AirTags” – Apple’s smart key finders that have long been expected. Prosser himself is mystical in this regard and announces further revelations for the next few hours. The possible release dates for iOS 14 and Co. are also not mentioned, it is very possible that Apple will announce any dates.

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