Apple iPhone 6S Plus review and detailed test

Apple iPhone 6S Plus review and detailed test

In summary;

As a result, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus review and detailed test, iPhone when I put side-by-side 6S and 6S Plus you do not see the difference. But the difference is that the unseen side.

Through the high processing power and 3D Touch iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus much more in the future, according to a phone.

However iPhone 6S Plus, as of now, the iPhone doesn’t do much more than 6 Plus-this is why iPhone 6 Plus 6S Plus proposes you to. Of course the device, Apple’s unique experience, eye-catching, a big screen and good battery life offers in front of you, and it is not possible to file a police report. But the iPhone 6 Plus upgrade for owners of 6S is no reason good enough in my opinion Plus, so owners of the iPhone iPhone 6 Plus 7 Plus we propose them to wait.

If those who have the smaller iPhone iPhone 6S Plus they won’t be disappointed. Of course, as long as they can afford the high cost of the phone.


Apple’s giant phone iPhone 6S Plus, from A to Z. Let’s see if it’s as good as the first model.

Apple, Android last year decided to correspond to the flagship, the first big-screen sizes “phablet” phone on the market. iPhone 6 Plus maybe an expensive cellphone but was welcomed by consumers in a good way.

all of the power of the iPhone iPhone 6 Plus, was impressive with a longer battery life. That’s why Apple has prepared a new Plus model for 2015 is no surprise. 6s Plus, price the market as Samsung Galaxy Q6 Edge +, Galaxy Note 5 and will compete with devices such as the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. If we thought across the dimensions of LG G4, Moto X Style, such as telephones and Huawei OnePlus provides 2 Mate.

His name is “S” letter to you will understand from the iPhone that are not much bigger than its predecessor, the 6S Plus innovations. These innovations, Plus 6 Plus iPhone owners can be persuaded to 6S but brought the phone a couple of cool innovation, will delight anyone using previous iPhones.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus review and detailed test



iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, if you remember, it’s the same here. New iPhone 6S Plus and they look exactly the same as the iPhone 6 Plus. the only obvious thing that makes it different is 6s Plus behind the word “iPhone” lowercase “h” logo at the bottom. However, this part is, most of the time at hand, or you use the Holster.

Metal housing, preset as well as a quality look and feel of the grip. After the fiasco of last year’s twist, Apple, the new iPhone will not bend easily format their strengthened. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, Apple’s “7000 series aluminum” is made up of a substance that is termed. Although tests on the Internet “scientific”, the new iPhone bükülmesinin not going to be easy, so the first day in the pocket of your pants will not bend.

6s Plus, unlike its predecessor, 0, 2 mm thicker, but you don’t notice it. The reason for the difference is probably 6S Plus added to 3D Touch technology. iPhone 6S Plus, according to 20 grams heavier and 6 Plus 192 grams.

iPhone, with one hand holding for a long time of 6S Plus is tiring. In order to reach all parts of the screen most of the time you will need to use two hands. The back of the phone is flat rock metal and can, so your device you need to firmly to keep dropping. This facilitates both the grip, as well as for Apple’s phone, you can use silicone protects the Holster.

iPhone’s Gold, Silver and 6S Plus Space next to it a new color with the Gray. “Rose Gold” from this option, in other words a pink iPhone makes it possible for you to be the owner of the 6S Plus.



When you look at the first iPhone 6S Plus 5.5 inch Full HD screen, looks the same with their predecessors. 326ppi pixel density display, screen iPhone 401ppi 6S from more intense.

Especially when you turn the brightness of text and images, they look clean and sharp. Strengthened and has glass that prevents fingerprints, it’s really greasy fingerprints can keep via. But we can’t say we’re completely out of print, we felt obliged to delete the screen from time to time.

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus screens apparently a difference whether or not there is a hidden feature of 6S Plus: 3D Touch.


3D Touch

Adding a third dimension, 3D Touch screen, so you can print by pressing your finger scrolling next to him. Apple, this technology a few years ago changed the way multiple useful phones-dokunmatiğe. You can do with 3D Touch for now, although somewhat limited in the next few years, especially in this new function we benefited from application developers, screen can be natural, use emotes.

3D Touch, perhaps best known for the mail app, which allows you to look at the preview will be useful. The disadvantage is that the most important function of your preview scroll them opaque is not possible-. Another disadvantage, for example your finger when you preview photos, right in the middle of the photo can be and in this case is covered with your finger across the screen, the preview doesn’t mean anything.

3D Touch, click on the home screen, you can use in your application icon. For example, when you tap hard into the camera “selfie”, “video”, “slow motion video, save” and “photographs” as well as a menu of options. This menu, right-click menu on computers looks and allows you to quickly reach the functionality within the application.

Still, Apple’s 3D Touch revealed with great ideas. With the beginning of the function to take advantage of 3D Touch games from real potential, it’s going to come out.

3D Touch, place your finger on the keyboard by holding the cursor over a skill that allows you to get where you want. In this way, text arrangement, it’s easier than ever before.


iOS 9

iOS 9


iPhones, iPhone running IOS 9 la 6S and not just from the iPhone 6S Plus. But the new phone, iOS has developed for 9, and what’s more, you can only use two 3D Touch mobile, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

the exclusive iPhone IOS 9 6S Plus there’s not much on offer-so they, who have used iOS iOS 8 at 9:00 they won’t feel a stranger. Of course it’s made in the functioning of the operating system, but there’s a lot of change and development that do not appear directly.

One of them, warning pane and 6S Plus, and you’ll see the status of battery Apple Watch. Although this simple function we found very useful. Another clever function, lock is shown on the display of the application. We match our 6s Plus Bluetooth headset we opened our Spotify icon is displayed at the left of the lock screen, very friendly. We opened up a direct application by dragging this icon.

Fingerprint scanner, two times faster with iOS 9. Even the lightest touch detection function making it even more useful. When we get to the home screen is what we’re used to. However, things change as you move from left to right. Here, your contacts, and you can see the Siri application, consisting of recommendations. These recommendations, location, day and often vary according to the application you are using.

Suggestions and adaptation while reading habits under a running news list.

IOS 9 with Siri’s “always-on” have become, an important development. This means that, at any time, “Hey Siri,” he is ready to take command should blameyour you can make digital. This innovation is particularly useful while driving. At the same time becoming more and more smart than you’d like Siri, that corresponds to the.

iPhone help move processor, an upgraded M8 6S Plus Health application offers you a more accurate data through. In this application, the number of steps during the day, and you can see the calories you burn.

Control Center, continues its presence, namely in the iPhone 6S Plus your finger under the bottom of the screen by pulling up the screen brightness, music controls, you can quickly reach the various settings, such as audio and lantern. IOS 9 ‘ a bouncing between functions by double-tapping the home button at the top of the screen, so that you reduce the screen side of the one-hand reach that allow Reachability. However, although how useful function to each of the iPhones in our experience as no different than 6 Plus Apple’s streamlined a bit away from the world, it seems cumbersome.



The latest processor, Apple iPhone 6S Plus comes with A9. Therefore, the new iPhones, 2014 according to incoming iPhone with more powerful A8 chip. I tried to do on the iPhone, according to 6S Plus dual-core 82GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, 1.

The new 64-bit processor Apple, CPU processing is 70 percent faster than its predecessor, in the GPU task, 90 percent of claims to be faster. Do you not realize this ambitious commitments on the screen, because the iPhone is a phone that the 6 Plus was not general use.

at least as much as its predecessor iPhone 6S Plus, a fluent interface. Home screens, we were able to quickly switch between folders and applications. However in rare cases when entering and exiting the applications a little bit what we’ve been waiting for. But in some cases that we believe are related to delays, the animation is quite rare.

We tried to do was test run in iPhone 6S Plus, the new processor is faster than the eye. iPhone receives an average of 6 Plus 2911 points test new iPhone 6S Plus, 4309 multi-core score based on its predecessors. This points, 6S, HTC One M9 (3803) and Sony Xperia Z3 + click (4057) in the past. However Samsung Galaxy S6 (4850) slightly behind.

Power on the iPhone that are not inherent to the 6S Plus about games rapidly loaded and fluently. Real Racing 3 is heavily graphics-driven games such as fluent.


Battery life

iPhone 6S Plus Battery life


2915mAh according to the Apple iPhone from 6S battery Plus 24 hours of talk time, 14 hours HD video monitoring duration and 80 hours of music listening time. In real life, it’s hard to get close to the values, but the test is similar to a phone in our iPhone offers a battery life of 6 Plus and we thereof.

Email, voice calls, SMS, social media, gaming and music streaming and web browsing a at the end of the day we spent with the battery, it was 30 percent levels. But when you play the game you will see the battery quickly sold out.



iPhone 6S Plus Camera and Live Photos


Samsung and Sony’s phone began to place a camera in the 16MP in an era when it was the end of Apple, 8MP seems to have noticed. 12MP-ary main camera, may not affect you on paper but the shutter and accelerating 5.5 inch screen bright image according to the standard of iPhone photos 6 Plus has risen.

1, 2MP front camera, 5MP from selfie and upgraded to video chat quality is aware of the extent. Apple’s “Retina Flash” function is 5.5 inch screen, which lets you use the Flash. This function is three times brighter than normal, the screen gives you the opportunity to become brighter in the dark so you can take the selfie.

When we got to the camera application, iPhone 6S Plus Android compared to the competition, we see a lot less functionality to offer. But Apple’s preferred the simplicity and adjustments its not missing this one, given you direction. Flash, HDR and you have some control on the Scheduler, but the first two are usually automatically.

Worth mentioning is the new function, of course, Live Photos. Thanks to this function, without the photo of you and your iPhone 6S Plus, after 1.5 seconds of a video recording. Thus, reminiscent of Harry Potter, to your photos that look nice (but how necessary it is to be discussed) a. You can turn it off if you wish, but the Live Photos function does not affect the shutter speed. Live Photos with the same speed while the shutter, you can get great squares.

in the smaller iPhone iPhone 6S Plus 6S also offers a non-hardware and software functionality: Optical Visual stabilization. This technology, with the help of camera vibration of the engines. Thus in the photos and videos you get sharper images. iPhone 6S and 6S can record 4 k video Plus.

iPhone 6S Plus larger and more sharp photos with iPhone 6 Plus a camera and we believe that one step further.

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