Apple is experimenting with the iPhone of all things, the competition has to help

Apple is experimenting with the iPhone

Even with the upcoming iPhone 12, Apple is not deviating from the basic form of a smartphone, but this could change as soon as next year. Odd: Ironically, one of the toughest competitors has to help out with the development.

Although we can expect numerous improvements with the iPhone 12 this year, the actual nature of the smartphone remains intact. Apple’s competitors are more willing to experiment. Last but not least, Samsung has been testing the acceptance of foldable smartphones for some time, at Apple, there is something revolutionary like this currently only available in patent specifications, but not in stores.

Apple orders from Samsung: Hope for a foldable iPhone is growing

With a little luck this could change in the next year, because as a current rumor, based on information from an insider, says, Apple has ordered a large number of flexible displays from Samsung of all people. Since there is currently no product at Apple that uses such screens, the assumption that development work on a foldable iPhone is possible. Apple should watch the market and keep all options open. If customers want to have such devices sooner or later, Apple must also be able to offer something comparable in the foreseeable future.

The 2nd generation is already available from Samsung, Apple is still testing:

Galaxy Z Fold2 Unpacked Part2: Official Replay

But why does Apple fall back on the help of the competition? This is not necessarily unusual, as Samsung has been one of Apple’s suppliers for many years, especially in the area of ​​OLED screens for the iPhone. It makes sense that you take a closer look at unusual articles and play around with them. There were already reports that Samsung sent corresponding test copies of the flexible screens to companies like Apple. The hope: dust off orders. Seems to have worked. If Apple’s development work is fruitful, even larger orders await Samsung and customers can look forward to a foldable iPhone.

Samsung already presented the 2nd generation

Either way, Samsung itself is a firm believer in the technology and recently presented the improved next generation of the first smartphone in this new smartphone class with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Apple will keep an eye on it and, based on experience, perhaps adapt it even more skilfully in the end, hope grows in the face of the latest news.

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