Apple onboard the PS5 Now Sony opens

Apple onboard the PS5:

Just under a month, then the PS5 will be launched. Apple is now also on board the PlayStation 5. Apple? CGH reveals the details of the collaboration with Sony and what the players can look forward to.

With the Apple Arcade game flat rate, the iPhone manufacturer is trying to establish itself in the games business, but now there is a collaboration with Sony and a premiere on the PS5. But this opening has nothing to do with games.

Cooperation with Sony: Apple TV directly on the PS5

As Sony announced in a blog post, the PlayStation 5 will support “Apple TV” right from the start. This means both contents from the streaming flat rate Apple TV + and other content from the Apple TV app are supported. The app itself – as for example with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick – does not have to be downloaded separately. And where exactly can you find Apple TV on the PS 5? There is a dedicated area on the game console for media entertainment. It is located right next to the Games start screen so that users can quickly switch between game and media content.

Not yet on the market, already screwed on – the new PS5:

Teardown of the PS5: Sony is completely dismantling its new console

More apps and a special remote control

The apps from other providers can also be found there, so Apple has to fight for the favor of PS5 customers. Also in the ring are Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube.

So that customers can also use the services on the PS5 more conveniently, Sony has also presented a suitable remote control for the PS5. In addition to the usual control buttons, there are also buttons for Disney +, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. Unfortunately, Apple is still missing out on that, it does not yet have the significance that would justify such a position. By the way: Apple TV is not only reserved for the PlayStation 5 because we can also see from the message that the app and services will soon also be available for the PS4.

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