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Apple strikes out: Now Intel is really upset

With the 2nd generation of ARM chips from Apple, things could get tight for Intel. Also, after a few years of waiting for gamers, Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released. What else happened this week, you can find out in this episode of the CGH Headlines.

Market Guard vs. Facebook: the threat of breakup

In the USA, Facebook has to assert itself against the market watchers because of its monopoly position on the app market.
The accusation: Facebook is buying up potential rivals to prevent competition.
If the market watchdogs prevail, Facebook could threaten to be broken up, which means that Facebook would have to sell Instagram and WhatsApp again.

Apple’s M1 successor: Now Intel is really upset

Not only has Intel received a lot of headwind from AMD in the past few years, Apple also showed a few weeks ago with the M1 chips how well the company can get along without Intel.

But of course it shouldn’t stay with the M1. According to Bloomberg information, an Apple chip with 16 CPU and 16 to 32 GPU cores, which will be used in a new iMac, will follow in early 2021. For comparison: The M1 currently has “only” 8 CPU and GPU cores.

Of course, a new Mac Pro is also on the roadmap. First of all, a 32-core CPU should ensure good performance.

And who knows how popular the successor to the M1 MacBooks and Mac minis will be, even if they are updated next year.

Apple has already secured success with the M1: With the M1 Mac mini, Apple has made the leap to become the most popular desktop computer manufacturer in Japan.

The figures come from the market research company BCN Retail, which aggregates the sales figures of online retailers.
Last month, Apple took a big leap ahead of Fujitsu and NEC. A massive success.

Just as successful as the title that gamers have had to wait a few years for:

Cyberpunk 2077 has been released

The game seems to live up to the advance praise, because the first ratings are consistently positive.
Therefore, a preliminary “RPG and SciFi fans can access Cyberpunk 2077 without hesitation” … with a little asterisk on the back.

Because some sequences can be problematic for epileptics, as GameInformer editor Liana Ruppert reports in her test.

CD Project Red commented on this and put a more readable epilepsy warning at the beginning of the game, a patch for the affected sequences should follow.

And in general, there is still a lot to be patched with the title, because not only in the tests, the first players have already noticed some bugs.

Pixel 5 Pro is supposed to do away with punch-hole cameras

Pixel 5 Pro is supposed to do away with punch-hole cameras

The new Google project is also pretty futuristic. The Pixel 5 should get a big brother and be equipped with a feature that should end the trend of display notches or punch holes.

As GizChina and Slashleaks report, the Pixel 5 Pro will be delivered with a front camera under the display. In other words: the camera photographs images through the display, so the camera is no longer visible in everyday life and no longer needs an incision.
The other specs also show that the device must be a big brother of the Pixel 5. The Snapdragon 865 is built-in, plus 256 GB of memory, i.e. twice as much as in the small model.

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