Apple Watch completely different

Apple Watch completely different

The industry is excitedly awaiting the announcement of tomorrow’s Apple event. Of course, everyone expects a new Apple Watch, but such a model is rather unexpected. CGH sheds some light on the rumor mill.

After the Apple Watch Series 5, the Apple Watch Series 6 follows – logically, right? But this doesn’t have to be the case this year, because if Apple expert and insider Jon Prosser is right, there will be two new smartwatches from Apple in 2020 with completely different names – nobody would have expected that at the moment.

Apple Watch: New “cheap model” of the smartwatch

Initially, Prosser also took up the rumor of a cheaper Apple Watch, the first reports were already made in mid-August. According to the insider, this model actually exists, and a presentation is already planned for tomorrow’s Apple event. This “Apple Watch SE” should be based on the design and size of the Apple Watch Series 4 (40 and 44 mm height) and has to forego some of the achievements of recent years, so there is no always-on display and no EKG Function. So Apple saves money and simply leaves out the necessary sensors.

The new naming scheme for the Apple Watch?

But the new Smartwatch from Apple may not even be called “Apple Watch SE” because, according to Prosser, both new models are currently listed internally by the US manufacturer as “Apple Watch” and Apple Watch Pro ”. As a result, the new, affordable model would simply be called Apple Watch and the model expected as Apple Watch Series 6 would be launched as Apple Watch Pro. If this nomenclature actually makes it to the customer, then the US manufacturer would transfer the naming scheme that has been used up to now for Macs, iPads and iPhones to the Apple Watch. But this is not yet certain, Prosser himself finds the renaming of the Apple Watch a bit strange.

Speaking of which: how credible are the statements made by the Apple experts? Most recently Prosser was right that something happened on the Apple website on September 8th, but not with the “what”. Instead of new products, there was only the announcement for tomorrow’s Apple event. In this respect: Could be something, but we can’t really rely on the insider’s words for the details. We don’t have to wait long for clarification, because CGH will be reporting on the actual innovations tomorrow evening.

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