Apple Watch Hermès Alternative

Apple Watch Hermès: The “Luxury version”

If you want to show your special taste when buying the Apple Watch, you have to dig deep into your wallet. But if you just want to pretend, there are completely different, significantly more cost-effective options for smartwatch tuning.

For some, such an Apple Watch Hermès is just an overpriced version of the Apple Smartwatch with a pretty leather strap, for others, it is simply an absolute fashion statement. Undoubtedly, Hermès watches are anything but cheap, after all, you have to invest at Apple from $1,329 and up. For comparison, the normal variants of the Apple Watch Series 6 in aluminum dress cost less than $443.

The main price drivers are the bracelets made of fine leather from Hermès, which alone cost several hundred euros. Provided you buy them separately. In the end, of course, you pay for the entire package – the iconic packaging, the separately enclosed sports bracelet by Hermes in orange and the exclusive dials. However, if you can do without the entire package of the original and prefer to be content with the beautiful appearance, there are cheaper alternatives – bad tongues would almost speak of plagiarism … well almost.

Apple Watch Hermès: Alternative bracelets on Amazon

At Amazon, we find leather straps for all versions of the Apple Watch, which are damn similar to those of the Apple Watch Hermès. Of course, there is no direct brand reference and the bracelets definitely do not come from France, rather from distant Asia. In return, the parts only cost a fraction of the original. So if you just want to “try” the beautiful appearance of a luxury watch, you can buy it risk-free.

Apple Watch Hermès Alternative JL-BAND21

For example, there are the tapes from JL-BAND21. The buyer can choose between multi-colored or plain-colored variants in a classic design – cost only $14.99 With over 3,000 reviews, the bracelets receive a total of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Ergo: even good something. Women love the so-called “Double Tour” bracelets from Hermès. JL-BAND21 also offers multi-colored alternatives for this. At $19.99, they cost just one $ more than the classic version. With the customers there is a little deduction – 3.5 out of 5 stars are achieved.

Apple Watch Hermès Alternative Cailin

The last Apple Watch Hermès before the current Series 6 was also available with a special and typical leather print. The bracelets from Cailin imitate this pretty well – $14.99 as a normal bracelet, $15.99 as a “double tour” – in total there are 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Apple Watch Hermès Alternative Aottom

And especially for men, there is also an equivalent model to the Apple Watch Hermès with a masculine folding clasp. At $23.99, the leather bracelet costs a little more than the aforementioned bracelets – available in either brown or black. In terms of quality, they score very well with 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Tip: Alternative watch faces

What you have to do without with all bracelets, of course, are the exclusive smartwatch dials. If you want it, you have to buy the original. But we still have one tip. As already reported last year, the Buddywatch website offers various alternative dials for free download for Apple Watch users. Certainly also those that could perfectly match the Hermès imitations. For example, the variants “Moriles”, “California Classic” or “Cross-Half” are mentioned here.

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