Apple Watch Series 6 falling in the price

Apple Watch Series 6 falling in the price:

Apple Watch Series 6 has only been on the market for a few days, so potential customers are justified in asking themselves the question: When will the Smartwatch actually be cheaper, when will the price drop? The answer to this follows in the article.

At Apple, we pay at least $ 384.00 (40 mm model) or $ 429.00 (44 mm model) for the Apple Watch Series 6. It is currently not much cheaper in free trade (for example at Amazon), as you currently only save a few dollars, as a look at the price comparison reveals. There are no real bargains, and there is currently no talk of a drop in the price of the smartwatch. So bargain hunters are still waiting and speculating on falling prices in the future. But when can we actually expect it?

Apple Watch Series 6 in the current price comparison

Apple Watch Series 6: forecast of the fall in prices

Here, too, it helps to look at the price comparison, but for the one for the Apple Watch Series 5. The predecessor has now been on the market for one year, so the price trend is of interest and meaningful – perfect for a price prediction of the successor. We have noticed: apart from a few outliers, prices remain largely stable for months. A noticeable drop in the price of the smartwatch will not start until June. Ergo: So you would have to be patient with the Apple Watch Series 6 until summer 2021. Do you have to?

Apple Watch Series 6 forecast of the fall in prices
On the left the price development of the Apple Watch Series 6, on the right the drop in prices of the predecessor – only after months do prices visibly decline (Image:

Well, one can hope for individual actions beforehand. Discounts could also attract short-term discounts, for example when individual dealers run corresponding promotions in order to outdo the competition. One could expect such price reductions, for example, on “Black Friday” – THE shopping day that rings in the Christmas business. So this year you should keep your eyes open on Friday, November 27th.

You can find out what the new Apple Watch Series 6 has to offer in the video:

Is the smartwatch worth it?

And is the Apple Watch Series 6 even worth it? Sure, the Apple Watch is the world’s most popular smartwatch – for good reason. With the current model, Apple made further improvements, a brighter display in always-on mode complements the features as well as the added blood oxygen measurement. The only alternative could be the Apple Watch Series 5 as a remaining stock or the new Apple Watch SE. The latter, however, is particularly recommended if you can do without extended health functions – because there are no ECG and blood oxygen measurements.

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