Apple Watch Series 6 not mature

Apple Watch Series 6 not mature?

Did Apple bring a function of the new Apple Watch Series 6 onto the market too early? Is the smartwatch lacking the necessary maturity? One might have guessed after studying numerous user reports.

The highlight apart from new colors is certainly the blood oxygen measurement of the new Apple Watch Series 6 – no other Apple Smartwatch can do something like this. But can she do it well enough? There are doubts about that, as the colleagues from heise report. They describe the anger of many customers who repeatedly have problems with it, so many attempts to measure blood oxygen simply break off with an error message. But what can this be?

Apple Watch Series 6 often fails to measure blood oxygen

Apple believes that such errors are caused by movements and fingers that are not held still during the measurement. But even if you can rule this out and, for example, place your arm quietly on the table, measurements will stop abruptly. Then what could it be? In many cases, the sensor is not close enough to the arm, for example if the user is wearing bracelets that are too loosely tensioned. This would be particularly typical for link bracelets and also for Apple’s sports bracelets made of silicone. Ergo: Better to buckle a little tighter.

What you should know about the new Apple Watch Series 6:

Apple Watch Series 6 presented: All features at a glance

But the complaints don’t end there. So there is probably also any scatter in the measurement: Just 100 percent SpO2, shortly afterward only 95 percent is output, while the watch has only moved minimally on the wrist. In addition, the measurement itself takes a long time, a normal pulse oximeter for the fingertip is much more nimble.

Bottom line: No medical function (yet)

Ergo: One gets the impression that the feature of blood oxygen measurement in the Apple Watch Series 6 is not really mature and still offers a lot of potential for improvement. With all the problems described, it should be difficult, as Apple promised, to carry out correct measurements with the AppleWatch in the background. After all, Apple is well aware of this and is currently only selling the function as suitable for “wellness and fitness purposes”, so it is not (yet) a real, medical function like the ECG of the smartwatch.

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